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Rotating Male Masturbators

14 products

    14 products
    Magic Cube - Thrusting Rotation Male Masturbator Cup Water Proof
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    Thrusting & Rotating Male Masturbator Soft Silicone Sleeve K3
    Thrusting & Rotating Male Masturbator Soft Silicone Sleeve K3
    Thrusting & Rotating Male Masturbator Soft Silicone Sleeve K3
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    Waterproof Sucking Machine Spinning Blowjob Male Masturbator
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    Automatic Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbator Vagina Masturbation Equipment
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    Hand-hold 7 Speed Rotating Modes Male Masturbator
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    Rotating Male Masturbators: A New Twist in Hands-Free Masturbation

    Not everyone has the same preferences. What can get one person off might fail to get a reaction from another.

    That’s why it’s important to have more than one type of toy in your closet. Even better if you have different variations of that same toy.

    One type of sex toy that you might want to add to your collection is the rotating male masturbator.

    They’re the same kind of masturbator that can send you to space with pleasure, but with a twist. Quite literally.


    What is Rotating Male Masturbators?

    Rotating male masturbators pretty much work and look the same way regular masturbators would. If you are not familiar with them, think artificial vagina designed for sexual penetration.

    Masturbators, or masturbation cups, usually have two parts: the case and the sleeve.

    The case acts as a protective shell for the toy. They are made from rigid materials, like plastic, and can be made to look discreet. They can be made to look like flashlights, speakers, and even humidifiers.

    The sleeve, on the other hand, is basically where the party is and is housed inside the case. This is the part that you insert your penis into.

    The sleeve is made from softer materials, with silicone being the most common. Cyber skin is also a popular material because of its very realistic feel, effectively copying skin.

    Now, rotating masturbators themselves are a different category of masturbation cups. They are a type of automatic, or self-thrusting masturbator.

    These self-thrusting masturbators have a motor inside them that produces vibrations but can also power certain movements in your toy.

    They can expand and retract the sleeve in your masturbator, effectively making it hands-free. Rotating male masturbators add an extra dimension to this by rotating the sleeve as well.


    Types of Rotating Male Masturbators

    Basic – Pretty much the basic design of rotating male masturbators. They offer different rotating patterns, as well as textured insides for more intense sensations.

    Vibrating Masturbator – Rotating male masturbators that also double as vibrating masturbators. The same motor that powers the rotating motion can also produce vibrations. They also offer varying patterns of vibration that you can choose from, depending on what you prefer.

    Self-Thrusting Masturbator – A type of rotating male masturbator that has a self-thrusting feature. This type is pretty much hands-free. You can basically just hold it in place, and it strokes your penis on its own.

    Mini Stroker – A rotating masturbator designed mostly for more discreet uses. They tend to be on the smaller side, so you can easily store them without being conspicuous. Of course, they are mostly limited to how far they can stimulate.


    How to Safely Use and Maintain Your Rotating Male Masturbator

    Although masturbation cups are generally designed to take a beating, so to speak, you still need to take good care of them so they can last longer.

    Use the Right Kind of Lube

    The sleeves inside your rotating male masturbators are usually made of silicone. Usually, silicone is a durable material. On top of that, it’s non-toxic and it’s hypoallergenic, meaning it wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction, which can be a risk with some materials, like latex.

    Of course, despite all its advantages, silicone does have its weakness. That is silicone-based lube.

    Silicone-based lube can damage your toy if it is made from silicone. To avoid this, you should stick to water-based or oil-based lubricants. Hybrid lube, like a mixture of silicone and water, can work.

    Use Plenty of Lube

    Speaking of lubricants, make sure you put ample amounts whenever you use your masturbator. Not only does skimping out on lube cause you discomfort, but it can also wear down your toy faster.

    Friction is definitely something you’d want to avoid whenever you’re using your rotating male masturbator.

    Clean Up Properly

    Another way you can improve your toy’s longevity, as well as your own, is by properly cleaning up once you’re done using your toy. This might seem like common sense, but it certainly isn’t.

    More than 40% of men don’t bother cleaning their toys after they use them, and 30% of men who use masturbators don’t clean their toys at all.

    Using a toy that you have previously used and not cleaned can increase the chance of getting a yeast infection, or other skin issues. You seriously don’t want that kind of problem on your penis.

    Avoid Sharing

    For the same reason as above, you’d want to avoid sharing your toys with just about anybody.

    There may be exceptions, like you’re sharing it with your partner, or are cleaning up in between uses. Otherwise, sharing your toys is a good way to transfer sexually transmitted infections.

    You’re pretty much depositing a blob of bodily fluid into your rotating masturbator, which is a vector for a lot of diseases, some of which can be very dangerous.

    As a rule of thumb, it’s best to just stick to your own toys. If you like using masturbators with your partner, it’s better that they have their own, just to be sure.

    It also goes both ways. It’s a good idea to not just stick your penis into any random toy. If you can’t trust putting your mouth close to it, then it’s probably not a good idea to stick your penis inside.


    How to Clean your Rotating Male Masturbator

    Cleaning your rotating male masturbator is pretty easy, especially since the parts you need to wash are waterproof.

    To clean your toy, you’ll need to first take the sleeve out of the case. This might be a bit difficult at first, but it is possible.

    Once it’s out, you can take the sleeve and run water through it, making sure that its contents are completely washed away. You can also use a bit of soap to wash it, but make sure to use mild soap.

    Make sure you wash it thoroughly since some materials used for the sleeve are porous. These pores can harbor bacteria than can cause infection.

    Once that’s done, you can let the sleeve air dry, just make sure that there are no soap residues left. Also, before you return the sleeve inside its case, make sure that it has completely dried.