Are Penis Pumps Safe?

is penis pump safe

Erectile dysfunction is a big problem to a lot of men, even if they are living healthy lives otherwise. In fact, it is estimated that about 52% of men suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction.

Thankfully, there are ways to help fix the problem. You can take oral medication, sexual therapy, and of course, penis pumps.

But with all the conflicting information online about penis pumps, a lot of people do find them a little intimidating.

Luckily, though, penis pumps are generally safe to use, provided you use them as intended, and that you speak to your physician first.

But let’s dig deeper into penis pumps, and how you use them safely, shall we?

What are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps, also called vacuum erection devices, are a tool used to assist someone get an erection. Not the same way pornos would, mind you. They do it in a more physical sense.

These penis pumps are usually made up of two parts: an airtight where the penis is inserted and a pump that sucks the air out of it.

They help produce erections through negative pressure. Basically, by creating a vacuum around the penis, blood will rush into its blood vessels to help compensate for the sudden pressure change.

This sudden rush of blood is what creates the erection. Of course, once the vacuum seal is released, the erection won’t last long, since the blood will just rush out of the penis after a minute or so.

To help maintain the erection, the user will have to use a cock ring to “lock” the blood in.

Why Do People Use Penis Pumps?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Medical penis pumps are designed specifically to treat erectile dysfunction without surgery. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why people use it in the first place.

Using penis pumps for this end does provide quick results, allowing you to use it right before you have sex with little time wasted, unlike relying on medication. Thanks to its non-invasive nature, it’s also very accessible for many people.

You can also safely use penis pumps alongside other erectile dysfunction treatments or medication without any additional risks.


Improved Erections

Despite it being primarily a treatment for ED, you can still benefit from penis pumps, even if don’t have a problem getting your penis up.

Using a penis pump can help improve your erections, both in length and in girth. Of course, you’ll still need a cock ring to help take advantage of this, but it still definitely works.

On top of a harder and bigger erection, you also get to enjoy a more sensitive one as well, thanks to all the blood that has rushed into your penis.

This is temporary, of course, so your penis will go back to normal after your erection goes away.


Increased Confidence

We’ve talked about the physical benefits, but not the psychological ones. Naturally, having a bigger and harder erection also means more confidence in bed.

You’ll feel like a stud, and your partner will definitely notice it, too.


How to Use a Penis Pump

At first glance, you’d probably be confused with how you can even use a penis pump at all. They seem like they would belong in a clinic rather than the bedroom.

But using them is fairly easy. Here’s how you safely do it, but make sure you check with your physician first before trying it out.


This part is optional but shaving your crotch area can help the penis pump form a better seal around your penis.

It’s also possible that your pubes would get caught in the ring itself, so shaving can help lessen the discomfort you’ll get from that.


To help further lessen the discomfort, you’ll want to apply lubrication at the base of your penis, or just at the rim of the cylinder where you insert your penis.

This area will tighten, so adding lubrication can help lessen the friction against your skin. You don’t need to put lube on your entire shaft.


After lubricating, you can safely insert your penis into your penis pump. It doesn’t have to be erect, of course, since that will defeat its purpose.

Once it’s inside, you can start pumping. Now, we know at this point, you’re excited and raring to go, but we recommend that you do your pumping slowly.

Most penis pumps are equipped with a limiter so you don’t vacuum on your penis too hard, but you should still pump gradually. It should take you anywhere between 30 seconds to about a minute or two to reach maximum erection.

Pumping too quickly can cause injury with the sudden increase in pressure.

If you do feel any discomfort at this stage, stop and take a break. You can try again in a few minutes. If you still feel discomfort, it’s probably time to check with your physician.



Once you have your erection, you can take your penis out of the pump. Of course, since there is no negative pressure holding the blood in your penis, it can be hard to maintain that erection on your own.

So, to stop you losing that magnificent hard-on, you should put on a cock ring, or something similar to restrict the blood flow. Just make sure you’re not restricting the flow too much.


Are Penis Pumps Dangerous?

Now it’s time to answer the question whether penis pumps are safe to use or not, and the answer mostly depends on how you use them.

Generally, penis pumps are safe to use, but only if you’re using a medically approved device.

Such devices have a limit on the maximum pressure you can put in, so even if you pump too hard, you won’t cause any damage.

Of course, barring that, so long as you take the necessary precautions, you shouldn’t have any problem. If you don’t overdo the pumping and if you do it slowly enough, you should be fine.

The adage that “too much of a good thing is bad” certainly rings true here.

Of course, not everything will go perfectly, so here are a few side-effects you can watch out for in case things do go bad, and what you can do to relieve some of them.

If any of these side-effects persist, go straight to your doctor.


Possible Side-Effects


  • Numbness or tingling sensation– This usually means you’re using your cock ring too tightly, or the vacuum seal is too strong. Use a wider cock ring or open up the valve on the pump a little.
  • Small red dots (Petechiae)– This indicates that you have popped blood vessels in your penis, which means you’ve pumped a bit too hard. Stop using your pump immediately and go see your physician.
  • Painful ejaculations– This might feel to you like you have “trapped” semen. This can also be the result of having a tight pump or cock ring, so loosening both could help.
  • Bruises and pain– Another indicator that you have popped some blood vessels. This is rarely life-threatening, but very uncomfortable. Check with your physician immediately.

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