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    Mini Portable Sex Machine: Small with Same Fun

    You’d be surprised with how many unique sex toys people come up with, and sex machines would definitely be at the top of the list.

    At first glance, you might think they belong in a workshop or garage, but no, they’re definitely designed for hands-free masturbation.

    A sex machine’s design, though effective, is not really for everyone. But people have found ways to make them more palatable for those who prefer a little discretion.

    We’re of course talking about the mini sex machine. 

    What is a Portable Sex Machine?

    If you’re going to be technical, since vibrators have small motors inside them, you can basically classify them as “sex machines”. However, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

    Sex machines are basically large mounts for sex toys that have powerful motors and mechanical parts designed to grind, thrust, or vibrate automatically.

    Think of them as mechanical hips that do the thrusting for you. They’re far from the sex robots in science fiction, but the basic idea is there.

    Some sex machines have a built-in dildo on the business end, whilst others just have a mount or harness where you secure your dildo or sex toy of choice.

    A portable sex machine, also called a mini sex machine, is just a smaller, more portable, and, most importantly, a less intimidating version of a sex machine.

    The stroking motion varies depending on the model, but you can expect your machine to have a stroke length of anywhere between 1 up to 6 inches. Generally, longer thrust length means fewer strokes per minute.


    Types of Mini Sex Machines

    • Thrusting Sex Machine - The basic type of sex machine you can get. They have 3 parts, namely the motor, the base, and the thrusting mechanism. At the end of the thrusting mechanism is a mount where you can put your favorite dildo on. When you turn it on, it does a thrusting motion, which you can adjust the rhythm and speed.
    • Saddle Mount – A type of sex machine that you can sit on, with the mount directly on top. Basically, you’ll be riding the mounted sex toy, similar to how you do the cowgirl position. Although they are generally shaped like a saddle for more comfort, some might be designed like seats, or even hammocks.
    • Power Drill Type – If you prefer a handheld version of the sex machine, but still have the thrusting power, the power tool or power drill type might be the thing for you. These toys look like power drill, but instead of a drill bit at the tip, you have a mount for your sex toy.
    • Heated Type – Some portable sex machines have enough energy in their motors to not only power the automatic thrusting motion, but also add a heating element to your sex toy. These are perfect for replicating body heat for a more realistic experience.
    • Double Penetration – A portable sex machine that has two thrusting mounts that can move independently from one another. You can use each separately or use both at the same time for double penetration.
    • Automatic Masturbator – Of course, portable sex machines aren’t just designed with women in mind. Men can have their own sex machines, too. These machines will have a masturbation cup at the end of the mechanism instead of a dildo, allowing for hands-free male masturbation.

    Things to Look Out for When Buying

    Portable sex machines can be a little intimidating on their own already, so buying your first one can be a bit overwhelming.

    To help you out, here’s a list of what to look out for when buying your first sex machine.

    • Thrusting Power / Stroke Length

    If you’re getting a mini sex machine, then you’re definitely getting one for its automatic thrusting ability. Look into how fast it can go, or how many strokes per minute it can deliver.

    Depending on the model, you can have a sex machine thrust as far as 6 inches, or even more. The rule of thumb is that the longer each thrust is, the slower the rhythm would be.

    Try to get a sex machine that has good range, one that can do shorter but more thrust per minute, or longer thrusts, but fewer strokes per minute.

    • Materials

    Portable sex machines have 2 major parts you’ll need to consider, the machine and the toy.

    When looking at the overall structure, find a machine made from sturdy materials. Your mini sex machine will have many moving parts, and you’ll want to make sure that they don’t fall apart easily.

    The machine itself should be made from plastic and stainless steel.

    As for the toy, make sure that they are safe for your body. Avoid materials that are toxic, chemically reactive, or can cause allergies. Silicone and cyber skin are excellent examples for your mounted sex toy.

    • Motor

    The motor is basically the heart of your portable sex machine. It’s what gives power to the thrusts and the vibrations.

    Make sure that the motor attached to your sex machine can produce enough power to satisfy you.

    • Stability

    Choose a mini sex machine that is anchored properly. You wouldn’t want to basically push itself off or move in any way while it is thrusting.

    Make sure your portable sex toy has a stable base or stand, or if it is too light, get one that has a suction cup base. A suction cup base will ensure you have a stable sex machine so long as you have a smooth surface to attach them on.

    • Discretion

    If you’re getting a sex machine that is specifically designed to move a lot, then discretion is probably the last thing on your mind.

    Still, if you live in an apartment that has thinner walls, or are living with your family, you’d probably want to choose a portable sex machine that produces minimal noise. Or at least, one that you can easily hide the sound of.

    While you aren’t using your machine, it’s also best that you don’t leave it lying around your house, so try to get one that you can easily dismantle and store.