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Sex toys are so common nowadays that they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their own specialties and uses. 

One such unique sex toy is the egg vibrator. They’re a perfect combination of size, power, discretion, and versatility. 

Whether you’re new to sex toys or have been using them regularly, an egg vibrator will be a great addition to your collection. 

Egg vibrators are a fairly simple toy to get the hang of, so let’s take a deeper look into them and see if they’re the best kind of toy for you. 

What are Egg Vibrators?

Judging by the name, you probably would’ve already guessed that egg vibrators are vibrators that are shaped like eggs. But given that they can come in so many different types, their actual shape can vary quite a lot.

Egg vibrators, also known as love eggs or bullet vibrators, are used primarily as a masturbation aid. They are usually aimed towards clitoral stimulation, although you can use them on any part of your body, including the vagina, the anus, and other erogenous zones.

The typical egg vibrator is usually wider at the base, making them easier to hold. It is then tapered at the other end, making it perfect for targeted stimulation.

Egg vibrators are also on the smaller side, no longer than 3 inches, making them a great toy for those looking for discretion, or sex toys that are travel friendly.

What to Look for When Choosing an Egg Vibrator

Because there are so many types of egg vibrators out there, choosing the best one for you can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start.


The first thing you’ll need to consider is the material. Most love eggs in the market are made from plastic, rubber, metal, glass, or silicone.

Each of these materials will have their own advantages and disadvantages, but basically, you’ll want to choose an egg vibrator that is made from non-toxic materials. You’d also want a toy that is durable.

Also, different materials will have varying softness and flexibility. Harder materials will produce stronger sensations, while softer materials will feel a bit more muted.

Control Type

Another thing you’ll need to consider is how the egg will be controlled. There are 3 different types of controllers: wireless, wired, and also vibrators that don’t use controllers at all.

Some egg vibrators that don’t have controllers will have the controls on the toy itself.

The benefit of this setup is that you wouldn’t need to worry about losing a controller. The controls are also more responsive. The bad side is that it would be nearly impossible to change the settings for your toy while you are using it, at least without stopping.

Both the wireless and the wired remote controls all make use of a controller to change your toy’s settings. This makes them easier to control, especially during use.

Wired vibrating eggs will have a connecting line between the controller and the toy, whilst wireless vibrating eggs won’t have this line.

Egg Vibrator Techniques

There are many ways you can enjoy your egg vibes, all depending on the type you have, or your preferences. Here are a few ways you can use them.

A Simple Touch

The most basic and beginner-friendly way you can use your egg vibrator is by simply pressing it against your desired spot.

To do this properly, you’ll have to know which part of the egg you press against yourself. The smaller the surface area, the stronger the vibrations will get.

So, if your egg vibrator has a tapered end, you can use that part for a more intense sensation.

A good tip to remember is to not leave the toy on any specific spot for too long. You might get used to the sensation and might even feel numb to it after a while.

Press your vibe lightly on yourself, pull back, then put it on again. Play around with the rhythm a bit.

You don’t have to limit yourself on your genitals, either. Try it out on your erogenous zones, like your neck, your nipples, or your inner thighs. Do some exploring and find the best spots for yourself.

Use With Foreplay

Egg vibrators are generally on the smaller size, so they are not as good at giving intense stimulation like bigger toys are.

Of course, their smaller size does make them perfect as a warmup before sex, or during foreplay. They have enough power that you get to feel good without overstimulating yourself.

They make for a perfect way to get aroused and stay aroused before the main course.

Use it in Public

Having sex in public is a fantasy that many would love to live out at least once in their lives. Of course, not everyone is brave enough to actually try it.

However, egg vibrators are a great way to fulfill that fantasy and feel the thrill of pleasuring yourself in public without actually taking any risks.

You can wear an egg vibrator under your clothes, and nobody would ever notice it. This works even better if you have a wireless remote control to use with your toy.


  1. Make sure to wash your egg vibrator once you receive it in the mail. Some toys will have a “factory” smell to them but washing the toy helps deal with that.
  2. Clean your toy after each use. Make sure you are familiar with your toy’s specifications, so you don’t end up damaging it during clean up, or during use.
  3. Use a lot of lubrication. Some people find the vibrations a little uncomfortable. This is because the vibrations can cause friction on your skin. Adding lube to the area and the toy can help reduce this friction, and thus any discomfort you might feel.
  4. Make sure your toy is fully charged before use. If you are using a battery operated toy, make sure that they have enough charge to finish your session.

Exploring intimate experiences with the use of various positions and toys, engaging in mutual pleasure through shared moments with a remote vibrator—let's break free from the misconception that vibrators are solely for individual use.

Gone are the days of viewing sex toys as a solitary endeavor. Embrace the notion that these intimate tools are meant for shared enjoyment. Consider it a must-try adventure for both partners, an exploration that adds a new dimension to your connection—one that goes beyond the ordinary.

Embarking on the journey of incorporating sex toys into your shared space is an exhilarating experience. It involves harnessing the advancements in technology to elevate not only your own pleasure but that of your partner, reaching heights of satisfaction that may have seemed unimaginable.

To kickstart this journey, we present a fundamental guide for seamlessly integrating sex toys into your intimate moments with your partner:

Opening the conversation
When broaching the topic of vibrators with your partner, it's helpful to start with a casual mention to gauge their initial reaction. You can seamlessly integrate it into conversation by referencing a scene from a movie, something a friend shared, or even a recent article you came across. Vibrators and sex toys, in general, are increasingly common interests, and societal taboos surrounding them are fading, making it likely that your partner might be intrigued as well.

However, if you're unsure about your partner's immediate receptiveness, consider framing the discussion with these perspectives:

Normalizing the Use:
Contrary to any perception that using a vibrator during sex is reserved for niche interests, it's important to highlight that a significant number of couples are incorporating toys into their sex lives. In fact, a study from the University of Indiana found that 53% of women and 50% of men reported using a vibrator during sex nearly a decade ago. It's a widely embraced practice that enhances pleasure for many.

Enhancement, Not Replication:
Emphasize that a vibrator is not a replication or replacement for a partner. As sexologist Alicia Sinclair aptly puts it, "Toys are sexual enhancements, like chocolate sauce or sprinkles on ice cream." Vibrators come in various non-phallic shapes and sizes, catering to diverse preferences and desires.

Shared Pleasure:
Challenge the common misconception that vibrators are exclusively associated with women's use. Highlight the numerous ways in which both partners can derive pleasure from incorporating a vibrator into their sex life. It's not limited to any gender and can add a new dimension to the shared experience.

Normalizing Sexual Tools:
Draw parallels with other elements commonly accepted in sexual exploration, such as the use of lube or engaging in dirty talk. Positioning a vibrator as just another tool in the toolkit of things that enhance pleasure helps normalize its inclusion in your sexual repertoire.

Addressing the Orgasm Gap:
Acknowledge the reality of the orgasm gap, where heterosexual men tend to orgasm more consistently than heterosexual women during sex. Highlight that integrating a vibrator into your sexual encounters significantly increases the likelihood of mutual orgasm, potentially bringing both partners to climax together.

What if your partner isn't receptive?
Encountering resistance from a partner regarding the introduction of a vibrator requires a thoughtful and understanding approach. Here's how to navigate such a situation:

Understanding the Aversion:
If your partner is hesitant or averse to trying a vibrator, it's crucial to explore the root cause. Be open and communicative, creating a space where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings. This aversion might stem from past trauma, societal stigmas, fear of sexual inadequacy, or personal insecurities.

Identifying Relationship Dynamics:
If the aversion is tied to judgment or a belief that pleasure should only come from physical intimacy with them, it may indicate deeper issues in the relationship or within the individual. Addressing these concerns is essential for fostering a healthy and open sexual dynamic.

Introducing Discreet Options:
Recognize that some individuals may be more receptive to discreet options as a gradual introduction to sex toys. Suggesting a vibrating cock ring, for instance, can offer clitoral stimulation for one partner while allowing the other to engage in penetrative sex. Brands like We-Vibe specialize in couple's sex toys, facilitating shared enjoyment of vibrations.

Respecting Boundaries:
Emphasize the importance of mutual comfort and pleasure in the relationship. If your partner remains closed off to the idea, it's vital to respect their boundaries. However, if their resistance becomes a hindrance to your sexual fulfillment and well-being, it may be worth discussing how both partners can find common ground.

Setting Boundaries for Yourself:
Understand that your desires and interests are valid. If your partner's discomfort makes you feel wrong or uncomfortable, it's essential to prioritize your own needs. No one should make you feel ashamed or judged for expressing your desire to explore new facets of intimacy.

Unexpected Desires:
If your partner expresses interest in more advanced options like strap-ons or anal plugs, approach the conversation with the same openness you hoped for when introducing the topic of vibrators. Honest communication about desires and boundaries is crucial for maintaining trust and understanding in the relationship.

Exploring Vibrator Shopping Together:
If your partner is new to the world of vibrators, shopping for one together can be an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Even if they are already comfortable with the idea, joint shopping adds an element of shared exploration. Here's how to make the experience both educational and fun:

Educational Opportunity:
For a partner less familiar with vibrators, this shopping endeavor becomes an educational opportunity. Take the time to explore various shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Discuss the different modes of stimulation available and consider what might be most appealing to both of you.

Fun and Enjoyable:
If your partner is already at ease with the idea of using vibrators, shopping together becomes a delightful and bonding experience. It's an opportunity to express preferences, share fantasies, and ultimately choose a toy that suits both your desires.

Explore In-Store or Online:
Decide whether you want to shop in a physical retail store, such as Babeland, or prefer the convenience of online browsing. Each option has its merits, so choose what aligns with your comfort levels and preferences.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes:
Ensure you explore a diverse range of vibrator shapes and sizes. Consider the versatility of stimulation modes offered by different models. This exploration allows you to tailor your choice to both partners' preferences and comfort levels.

Consider the Setting:
Discuss where and how you envision using the vibrator. Do you need a discreet option, or are you both looking for something more daring and adventurous? Factor in your comfort levels and desired level of intimacy.

Hot Tip for Intensity:
To gauge the intensity of vibrations in different areas, try holding the vibrator against the point of your nose. This can serve as a useful indicator of how the vibrations might feel in other places, enhancing your decision-making process.

1. Choose your ideal remote vibrator
While it may not be a necessity, consider the possibility that either you or your partner may already own a toy. However, if that's not the case, shopping for a toy as a couple can be an incredibly sexy experience. You can comfortably browse through the various options available in the Touch Honey online store, imagining how each one can be used.

As you explore the choices, envision and create scenarios for how you both might use the selected toy. You'll likely find yourselves sharing many kisses that same day. Additionally, with a remote vibrator, you can tantalize your partner from across the bed, the couch, or even in public places.

2. Prepare the session and don't go straight to the point
Understanding that an aroused body is more receptive to pleasure is crucial. Therefore, don't underestimate the importance of what is often referred to as "foreplay." Focus on lingering in each moment, especially on kisses and exploring their entire body, rather than rushing straight to the genitals. Extend and savor each moment. Once both of you are thoroughly aroused, it's time to introduce the sex toy you've chosen.

3. I lubricate myself, therefore I am
Lubricant, as we consistently emphasize, is indispensable in your sexual experiences, and the same goes for sex toys. A properly lubricated sex toy enhances its ability to provide pleasure. Therefore, ensure you apply a few drops of lube to your toy, spreading it evenly to ensure smooth movement across your body.

You can also apply the lubricant to your hands or directly to your genitals before engaging with the sex toy, enhancing the overall experience.

4. Go little by little
Start playing with the toy around your partner's pleasure zones, don't go straight to the point, since you don't know how he or she may react to the vibrations. Through small approaches, we generate excitement and expectation, so now we can reach the long-awaited place, where your partner will writhe and scream with great pleasure.

5. Listen and communicate with your partner:
When stimulating the clitoris, avoid a rapid DJ-like approach. If you're engaging with a penis, steer clear of a technique resembling choking a duck. If you're focusing on the G-spot, don't treat it like pressing an elevator button. Instead, communicate with your partner and gradually reach a consensus on the movements they find most pleasurable. Avoid making assumptions, and especially refrain from replicating what you see in pornography.

The same principle applies to using a sex toy—there's no one-size-fits-all approach, only effective communication.

Discover everything about semen!
You've likely come across various tales about semen, like the idea that individuals lose their vitality after ejaculation, semen being beneficial for the skin, its rejuvenating properties, or the belief that excessive masturbation leads to decreased production. But what's the truth behind these claims? Are they based on facts, or are they simply myths and misconceptions that often surround discussions about sex?

Semen is a viscous, whitish fluid expelled through the urethra during ejaculation by individuals with penises. It acts as a 'vehicle' for sperm, facilitating their journey to the external environment.

What is it made of?
Semen is composed of approximately 90% seminal fluid and 10% sperm. It consists of a variety of elements, including water, minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc), proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and sugars.

While there are myths suggesting that semen has a moisturizing effect on the skin due to its nutrient content, many dermatology specialists discourage this practice, as it may potentially harm our skin.

What does it taste like?
The taste of semen is typically described as salty, with some individuals perceiving it as having a slightly bitter or metallic flavor, which can be attributed to its zinc content. It's important to note that the taste of semen can vary from person to person and may also depend on their diet at a particular time. Even if two people consume the same foods, the taste of their semen may differ.

How to improve the taste of semen
The taste of semen can be influenced by dietary choices, with some foods improving its flavor and others potentially making it less pleasant. Here's a guide to dietary tips:

Foods That May Improve Taste:

Vegetables like tomatoes.
Fruits such as pineapple or blueberries.
Green tea.
Sugary drinks.
Foods That May Worsen Taste:

Alcohol (which can also affect semen quality and quantity).
For those seeking a guaranteed sweet and exotic flavor, using flavored lubricants during oral sex can provide a delightful solution. This ensures a pleasurable experience for both partners without concerns about taste.

What does it smell like?
The smell of semen is highly subjective, with some individuals finding it appealing and arousing, while others may perceive it as unpleasant and a turn-off. The scent of semen is influenced by the interplay of its components and can also be affected by diet and hydration, given its significant water content. As a result, the smell can vary from person to person.

Is it as protein rich as everyone says?
While semen does contain protein, its protein content is relatively small compared to the overall volume of the fluid. While the exact protein content can vary from person to person, it is estimated to be approximately one-twentieth of the total fluid. This means that to see any significant dietary health benefits from semen's protein content, one would have to consume a large amount, which is not practical or recommended.

It's worth noting that there are plenty of other more reliable and practical sources of protein available in a balanced diet.

Is swallowing semen good or bad?
From a nutritional perspective, swallowing semen is generally not harmful as it contains nutrients derived from one's diet. However, it's essential to consider other factors:

DNA Transmission: Semen contains the individual's DNA, which could potentially be a concern for some.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Semen can transmit STIs, so it's crucial to ensure that your partner has been tested for STIs and is free of any infections if you choose to engage in this activity.
Ultimately, the decision to swallow semen should be made with consideration of these factors and with consent from all involved parties.

Respecting personal boundaries is crucial when it comes to intimate acts like oral sex. Always prioritize consent and communication. Before ejaculating in someone's mouth, have a conversation and ask for their preferences and boundaries. Everyone has their own limits, and it's important to respect them.

What about stress relief?
While there are studies suggesting potential mood-boosting properties of semen, primarily attributed to the presence of hormones like oxytocin and progesterone, the evidence for semen specifically having stress-relieving properties is limited.

The presence of antioxidants, including vitamin C, in semen may potentially help reduce oxidative stress within the semen itself. However, it is important to note that the effects of these antioxidants on overall stress levels in the body are not well-established.

It's worth mentioning that stress relief and mood enhancement can be achieved through various methods, and relying solely on semen for these benefits may not be a practical or reliable approach. Engaging in stress-reducing activities such as exercise, relaxation techniques, and seeking emotional support are generally more effective strategies for managing stress.

We resolve some doubts regarding semen
How to improve semen quality/quantity
The quality of semen depends a lot on the person's lifestyle; The healthier you are, the fitter your semen will be.

Balanced Diet: Include foods rich in zinc like cocoa or nuts for improved semen quality. A diet high in fatty acids, omega-3, antioxidants, and folic acid (B vitamin) can enhance sperm quality and fertility. Foods like salmon and avocado are good sources.
Regular Exercise: Engage in sports activities while being cautious of those that may impact the pelvic floor, such as cycling. Consider incorporating Kegel exercises to promote prostate health and enhance sexual well-being.
Choose Loose Cotton Underwear: Opt for loose-fitting cotton underwear to promote perspiration and freedom of movement, which can help maintain optimal temperature and sperm health.
How much semen is normal?
The normal amount of semen ejaculated during a typical ejaculation is approximately 1.5 to 5 milliliters, which is about the size of a small coffee spoon. It's important to note that various factors can influence the quantity, such as stress levels, time since the last ejaculation, overall health, arousal level, hydration, and dietary changes. It's crucial not to obsess over the quantity but instead focus on enjoying the moment and the experience. Remember, individual variations are common and perfectly normal.

Can its color vary?
Yes, the color of semen can vary. Normally, semen is transparent white or slightly yellowish. However, it is possible for it to have different colors that may indicate underlying conditions:

Orange: It could be a sign of infection or the presence of urine in the semen.
Pink: It may indicate the presence of blood, which could be due to various reasons like inflammation, infection, or injury.
Brown: Brown-colored semen can also be a sign of blood in the semen, potentially caused by conditions like prostate issues or trauma.
Reddish: Similar to pink and brown, a reddish color indicates the presence of blood and should be evaluated by a specialist.
If you notice any unusual colors in your semen, it is important to seek medical evaluation from healthcare professionals who can provide a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment if necessary.

Can its texture or density vary?
Yes, the texture and density of semen can vary over time. It is normal for the consistency of semen to change, and it generally does not significantly impact pleasure. However, density can have an influence on fertility.

If you notice a sudden change in the density of your semen or have concerns about it, it is advisable to consult with a specialist for an evaluation.

Ultimately, it's important to prioritize safety, consent, and enjoyment in any sexual practice. Remember, the choices and activities you engage in should be mutually enjoyable and consensual for both partners.

The 10 most common female fantasies
We have put together the most common female erotic fantasies, but I'm sure you can think of many more!

Imagining it is the first step to living it, if you want!

1. Make a threesome
Threesomes are a well-known male fantasy, but here's the truth—both men and women sometimes dream of experiencing one. However, there are subtle differences in their desires regarding the "how" and "with whom."

In their fantasies, they envision themselves as the dominant figure amidst two others, who often engage with each other. Typically, they imagine being accompanied by two individuals with penises, and their partner may not always be part of the equation.

This ultimate fantasy is incredibly stimulating because it combines various elements that amplify pleasure. It offers the thrill of swapping partners, the exciting unknown of being with someone new, and the special attention received from two people simultaneously.

2. Partner exchange
The practice of real couple exchange is increasingly common nowadays. However, before taking that step, many people find it exciting to imagine and fantasize about it. Like threesomes, these fantasies provide an opportunity to engage in playful experiences with unfamiliar individuals or multiple partners at once.

If you're considering putting this fantasy into practice, it's crucial to have open and honest communication with your partner. Clearly express your boundaries and establish rules beforehand. It's essential to prioritize emotional well-being and ensure that everyone involved is consenting and comfortable. Remember, if everyone agrees, exploring different possibilities can be a valid and enjoyable experience.

3. Sex in a public place
One of the recurring fantasies in the female erotic imagination involves engaging in sexual activities in public places, adding an element of extra danger. Whether it's the hood of a car, a beach, an elevator, or a fitting room, these settings hold a certain allure.

Why is this fantasy so common? There are several factors at play. Firstly, the forbidden nature of such acts adds a sense of excitement and taboo. It's important to note that engaging in public sex is illegal. Secondly, the possibility of being seen by someone heightens the thrill. Lastly, the immediacy of the action, a "catch me if you can" scenario, can satisfy desires in the moment.

For men, the "where" element often serves as a passive element of the fantasy. The location becomes a protagonist within the mind's narrative.

A variation of this fantasy involves using erotic toys, such as a remote-controlled Hale or a vibrating egg, in public places. This can be done discreetly and adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

4. Sex with an acquainant
Let's face it, almost everyone has someone in their social circle whom they find attractive and would be willing to do a favor for. It could be a lifelong friend, a teacher, a psychologist, a Pilates instructor, or even your boss. As your circle of acquaintances expands, so do the possibilities for fantasizing.

It's perfectly normal to have fantasies about someone close to us whom we consider attractive. In fact, the allure may be even greater if one of the parties involved is already in a committed relationship, as the forbidden aspect adds an extra level of excitement to the equation.

5. Be observed or observe
We've already touched on our penchant for fantasizing about sex in public places, and it's no wonder this fantasy is so common. The thrill of possibly being caught fuels our excitement. The idea that someone could discover us and watch while we indulge in pleasure puts us in a position of dominance over the observer. In that moment, we hold the power and control, revealing only what we desire. It's a chance to explore exhibitionism and relish in being watched.

Now, let's flip the scenario. It's equally thrilling to imagine we as the voyeur, peeking into forbidden scenes from the other side of the door. After all, human beings are naturally curious. Do you have someone specific in mind whom you'd like to observe?

Engaging in voyeuristic fantasies can be a steppingstone to exploring your own desires and experiences. It may be a way to satisfy your curiosity before fully diving into such activities. So, while you may not feel ready to act on your fantasies just yet, the curiosity is there.

6. Group sex
Group sex fantasies encompass a wide range of desires, including engaging with strangers, acquaintances, and exploring different roles. However, the fantasy of participating in a group sex session often remains tucked away in the realm of the unattainable. This may stem from a lack of information about where and how such encounters take place or concerns that the reality may not live up to the idealized version in one's mind.

It's important to recognize that engaging in group sex requires a certain level of physical preparedness to maintain the pace and meet the demands of multiple partners. Additionally, there may be emotional considerations to navigate. Despite these factors, simply thinking about and acknowledging the desire for group sex is the first step towards potentially realizing it, should it be something you genuinely want to explore.

7. Be dominated or dominate
In fantasies where an individual with a vulva takes on a submissive role, they often imagine receiving orders from a dominant partner or "master" and eagerly carrying them out to provide pleasure. Depending on the intensity of the fantasy, some may even incorporate elements of physical pain as a source of pleasure. It's worth noting that people who have submissive fantasies may often be in positions of control in their everyday lives, finding excitement in relinquishing control in these specific scenarios.

Conversely, in dominant role fantasies, individuals fantasize about exerting their desires and power over a submissive partner, deriving pleasure from having the other person at their mercy within the established boundaries of safety and consent.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of books and films that explore themes of domination, bringing this topic into the mainstream and making it more accessible to a wider audience. For those interested in exploring this fantasy, one way to start is by delving into the world of bondage and immobilization, learning beginner-level bondage knots and techniques. However, it's crucial to approach any BDSM activities with proper education, communication, and consent to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

8. Sex with another person with an age difference
Fantasizing about someone with a significant age difference is indeed a common occurrence, whether it involves someone much older or younger than oneself. When fantasizing about an older person, there is often an attraction to their perceived wisdom, knowledge, and potentially their ability to offer new and improved ways of doing things based on their life experiences.

On the other hand, when fantasizing about a younger person, there is a desire to impart one's own sexual expertise and know-how to someone who may be less experienced. This fantasy can stem from a sense of power and control, as the fantasizer takes on the role of a teacher or mentor, guiding the younger person and showcasing their own capabilities.

It's important to note that age-difference fantasies are a product of individual preferences and desires. They can serve to explore power dynamics and the exchange of knowledge and experience. However, it's crucial to approach any real-life relationships or interactions with awareness, respecting boundaries, and ensuring that all parties involved are consenting adults.

9. Sex with another person with a vulva when heterosexual
It's quite common for women to fantasize about having sex with another person who also has a vulva. Some theories suggest that we're all born with a natural inclination towards bisexuality, but societal and cultural influences can suppress these feelings. However, it's important to note that fantasizing about someone with a vulva doesn't automatically mean you're bisexual. It could simply indicate a curiosity about the experience with another person who shares that aspect of anatomy. Remember, in your own mind, you have the freedom to explore any desires or fantasies you want. It's a space where you can give yourself permission to imagine and indulge in whatever arouses your curiosity or interest.

10. Sex with a stranger or famous
Many folks with vulvas find it thrilling to imagine themselves with someone they have no personal connection to. It could be someone they encounter in their everyday lives, like the pizza delivery guy from last night, the traffic cop they see in the morning, or a fellow train passenger they share a car with. The appeal lies in the fantasy of engaging with someone they barely know, where the mystery and excitement of the encounter add to the allure.

Additionally, it's common to have fantasies about famous people we admire. We all have our secret platonic loves, whether it's a favorite singer, a beloved television presenter, or the star of a popular series. The combination of admiration and the pleasure derived from imagining a sexual encounter with our idol can create an explosive mix of emotions and desires.

Engaging in sexual fantasies is a source of pleasure for many of us, particularly within the realm of eroticism. Fantasies serve as an erotic resource, just like a movie, a book, or a toy. They allow us to explore our desires, stimulate our imagination, and enhance our sexual experiences...

Fantasies are not good or bad, they are simply whatever you want! Take advantage and use its full potential.

Indulging in a fantasy does not necessarily mean that you want to carry it out. You can create your own stories in your mind with all kinds of detail and it will help enrich your sex life and improve your libido. Fantasizing we feel safe, because there are no consequences that this action can have.

If you have a partner, it can be beneficial to share your desires and fantasies with them. Open and honest sexual communication forms the foundation of a healthy relationship and can lead to new and exciting experiences. Discussing your fantasies helps foster understanding and can contribute to mutual growth. It's important not to judge each other and remember that not all fantasies have to be fulfilled by both partners.

The meaning behind our fantasies is subjective and not of utmost importance. There are not inherently "bad" sexual fantasies as long as they work for you personally. If a fantasy arouses you and brings you pleasure, don't hesitate to embrace it. Fantasies can be a powerful tool for pleasure within a safe and controlled environment.

By acknowledging that the brain is the most powerful sexual organ, you can fully embrace the role of fantasy in your sexual experiences. Don't be afraid to use your imagination for pleasure. Allowing yourself to engage in fantasies is the first step towards enjoying them, and ultimately, you have the autonomy to decide whether to bring them into reality or keep them within the realm of your imagination. So, shall we delve into the realm of fantasies and explore the possibilities together?

The belief that masturbation worsens eyesight or leads to blindness is a long-standing myth with historical roots dating back to ancient times, notably during the era of Aristotle. In historical perspectives, there was a misconception that the reproductive "seed" was thought to originate from the brain, particularly the region around the eyes. This misconception contributed to the unfounded notion that engaging in masturbation could have detrimental effects on eyesight, even leading to blindness.

Male masturbation and its effects

In the early 20th century, inquiries about the effects of male masturbation would often yield a list of alarming concerns from physicians. Beliefs at the time linked this natural act to a range of supposed health issues, including weakness, consumption, pimples, intellectual decline, memory loss, fits of rage, madness, epilepsy, fever, and even the extreme outcome of suicide.

Dating back to 1877, Dr. Kellogg described masturbation as "self-administered abuse," reinforcing the prevailing notion that engaging in this act could deplete the body and nerves. It was believed to drain essential energy and nutrients crucial for overall health, weaken semen, and, most significantly, hinder the possibility of successful procreation. This historical perspective sheds light on the evolving understanding of male sexuality and highlights the contrast between past misconceptions and contemporary knowledge.

Benefits of masturbation

In the wake of scientific advancements, the sexual revolution of the 1970s, and the erosion of societal taboos, the narrative around masturbation has undergone a significant shift. Contrary to historical misconceptions, not only is masturbation not considered harmful, but it is now acknowledged to offer a range of unexpected positive effects, which we detail below. This evolving perspective reflects a more nuanced understanding of sexual health and well-being.

Masturbation provides high-quality semen

Addressing concerns about fertility, masturbation plays a role in optimizing semen quality. Sperm, with a lifespan of 5-7 days, sees a constant renewal, with the production of approximately 3 million new sperm each day. Masturbation facilitates the removal of older sperm, ensuring that the ejaculated semen is comprised of the freshest and most robust sperm. This process contributes to maintaining optimal fertility by allowing the body to consistently produce high-quality semen, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for reproductive health.

Masturbation prevents prostate cancer

Research indicates that regular masturbation in men may play a role in preventing prostate cancer. Studies suggest that ejaculating 7 to 21 times a month, depending on the research, may be associated with a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. This connection underscores the potential health benefits of sexual activity in maintaining prostate health, adding another dimension to the positive aspects of a natural and normal sexual practice.

Improvement of the immune system

Various studies suggest that ejaculation, through activities like masturbation, can contribute to strengthening the immune system. This enhancement is particularly noted in its potential effectiveness against tumors and viral infections. These findings highlight a potential positive correlation between sexual activity and immune system function, providing additional insights into the multifaceted health benefits associated with this natural aspect of human sexuality.

Masturbating has positive hormonal effects

In addition to its systemic effects, masturbation elicits immediate hormonal responses that contribute to a sense of well-being. The release of dopamine, oxytocin, and prolactin during orgasm is responsible for post-orgasmic satisfaction and a positive mood. The parasympathetic system induces a state of general relaxation, while the longer-term effect involves the generation of serotonin, enhancing mood and proactivity in the subsequent hours.

While similar hormonal responses can be achieved through sexual intercourse, masturbation offers unique benefits, especially for individuals engaging in regular sexual activity. It provides a distinct avenue for experiencing these positive hormonal effects, complementing the benefits that may be attained through sexual intercourse.

Masturbating does not reduce the desire to have sex

Contrary to a common misconception, masturbation does not diminish the desire for sexual activity. The hormone prolactin, responsible for "sexual satiety," is released 400% more after sexual intercourse compared to masturbation-induced orgasms. This highlights that engaging in masturbation does not diminish the appetite for sex. On the contrary, it contributes to maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual interest. So, rest assured, masturbation poses no risk of dulling your sexual appetite; rather, it supports a fulfilling and varied sexual experience.

Benefits of masturbation that you didn't know

Masturbation stands as a crucial act in self-care, offering a range of benefits that extend beyond commonly known advantages. It serves as a means to release both sexual and mental tension without the stress of performance anxiety often associated with relationships. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to enhance awareness and "train" for pleasure and performance. Improving one's masturbatory technique has been linked to enhancements in erection quality and synchronization.

Beyond the realm of sexual health, masturbation emerges as a holistic practice that can positively impact overall well-being. It serves as a tool to combat bad mood, promote better sleep, and even exhibits analgesic effects, offering relief from certain types of pain such as back pain. This multifaceted perspective emphasizes the diverse and often underestimated contributions of masturbation to both physical and mental health.

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