What is trampling fetish

If you're a fan of "harder entertainment," you've probably heard the term "Trampling" more than once. Let's delve deeper into the meaning of this word.

A man enjoying the tramping

What is Trampling?

Trampling, in the literal translation from English, means "stomping" or "treading on." In other words, trampling involves walking or stepping on a partner's body. It is a form of BDSM. More often than not, the dominant in this scenario is a female who walks on the submissive, either barefoot or wearing shoes, depending on the type of trampling. You can watch trampling on various BDSM-dedicated resources from the internet. 

Types of Trampling

There are two types of trampling, which vary based on the level of pain inflicted on the partner: foot trampling and crush trampling.

Foot Trampling

A gentle massage of the body with bare feet. Typically, this variant suits those who prefer delicate girls and get pleasure from the touch of graceful feet, which can also be attributed to foot fetish. In this form, the partner doesn't experience painful sensations, so this type of trampling can be easily practiced by novice couples to introduce new sensations into their sexual life. And for those who like to see their partner's feet in stockings, we recommend checking the link to select something to your taste.

Crush Trampling  

A more intense form that deliberately inflicts pain on the partner. This category includes, for instance, trampling with boots or high-heeled shoes with sharp, thin stilettos. In this case, the partner derives pleasure both physically and psychologically from the pain and the dominance exerted over them. The essence of crush trampling is about submission and power. It can involve face trampling, where the female makes her partner lick the heel of her shoe, pushing it into his mouth, or even trampling of the penis, which is associated with rather intense pain and requires a special approach to safety techniques. You can find shoes and sandals suitable for this type of trampling with the word "Erotic Footwear" from google.

Now, given that crush trampling is a fairly dangerous hobby associated with frequent injuries, it's important to discuss safety techniques. If a woman steps on a partner's chest and abdomen, the latter should lie on a solid, flat surface, such as the floor. The dominant should always have a support nearby (a wall or handrail) to maintain balance and distribute weight. If you're not professionals in BDSM, walking on the face and neck should be avoided entirely. Otherwise, there's a risk of eye injuries and other severe traumas. The same goes for genital trampling. It's advisable to keep one foot on a solid surface and use the other to press on the partner's face or genitals.

The consequences of careless trampling can be quite dire, for instance:

  • Bruises and facial abrasions (in the best-case scenario)
  • Throat and tongue injuries if a heel goes into the mouth
  • A navel punctured by a stiletto
  • Fractured ribcage (due to mismatched partner weights)
  • Genital injuries

There are numerous erotic service and massage salons offering foot and crush trampling sessions where you can seek new sensations. Such establishments typically employ professionals, so you need not worry about the risk of injuries. However, for quality pleasure, you'll undoubtedly have to pay. On the other hand, you can experience trampling for free at home. Just communicate your desire to your partner and discuss all the aspects of the play. This way, you can savor the unique sensations of this new activity, which will undoubtedly spice up your intimate relationship.

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