What is tantric sex?

Rooted in an esoteric doctrine known as "Tantra," tantric sex finds its origins in Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism. These philosophies are commonly linked to personal growth, meditation, and contemplation, seen as pathways to spiritual evolution. Tantra aims to go beyond the physical aspects of sexuality, utilizing meditation techniques to elevate relationships into profound, intimate encounters. The primary goal is to keep individuals fully present in the "here and now," emphasizing the importance of the present moment in transforming the nature of connections.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex, an integral aspect of the broader Tantra philosophy, extends beyond the genitals to encompass the entire body. It revolves around harnessing the sexual energy within each individual to attain a state of ecstasy. While conventional notions often link ultimate sexual pleasure with orgasm and ejaculation, tantric sex diverges from this perspective. In tantric philosophy, ejaculation is considered a dissipation of energy, and the objective is to achieve orgasm without ejaculation.

The essence of tantric sex lies in comprehending sex as a pathway to heightened sensitivity and the concentration of cosmic energy. It seeks to transcend conventional sexual practices by implementing ancient techniques, guiding practitioners in directing sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation, and illumination.

This experience involves exploring the feminine-masculine energy polarities (yin and yang) inherent in each body, transcending gender distinctions. It combines the wisdom derived from all experiences, expanding consciousness and existence in the context of connecting with another person.

Practitioners of tantric sex learn to circulate this energy with their partner, creating a circuit that mutually recharges both individuals. This practice transcends the physical realm, eradicating distinctions between genders, beauty and ugliness, good and bad, pure and impure. Consequently, tantric sex is considered not only normal but elevated compared to the societal norms prevalent in our current social life.

How to do tantric sex?

To experience tantric sex, you must first practice tantra. Next, we will tell you some principles and techniques to do it, focused on enhancing our sexual experience.

Activate the 5 senses to stay present

As mentioned earlier, one of the fundamental tenets of Tantra philosophy is to dwell in the present moment. According to Tantra, the only existence is in the present. The essence lies in concentration, relinquishing concerns and anticipations.

Direct your attention to the sensations unfolding in the current moment, being mindful of the surroundings, the circumstances, the feel of the skin, the texture of the hair, and the scent of your partner. This practice opens the gateway to the exchange of sensations and energies between you and your partner.

A highly effective technique to remain present involves engaging in tantric breathing before initiating sexual contact, as tantric sex is rooted in meditation. Couples are encouraged to sit unclothed, legs crossed, facing each other. Each individual strives to regulate their breathing, closing their eyes for approximately five minutes. Once achieved, it is time to harmonize with each other's breathing, fostering a synchronized connection between both breaths.

The environment must be appropriate. Play relaxing music

The environment holds a pivotal role in tantric sex. Whether you're seeking or crafting the setting, ensure it exudes relaxation, maintaining a comfortable temperature while creating an ambiance through dimmed lights or candlelight. Consider changing the sheets, playing soothing music, and perhaps serving a drink, such as tea.

Whether engaging in tantric sex individually or as a couple, it's advisable to allocate ample time. Given that sessions can sometimes extend to an hour or more, finding a comfortable environment is crucial. This ensures individuals can immerse themselves fully in the experience.

Explore and research the topic. Tantric sex videos

Engaging in tantric sex might be a novel experience for some individuals. The better acquainted you are with tantric sex, the more equipped and at ease you'll likely feel. Experiment with various aspects of tantric sex to identify what resonates for both partners, and explore self-discovery either individually or with your partner.

For additional guidance, consider exploring tantric sex videos that elucidate various positions suitable for tantric practices. Tantric sex postures often draw parallels with yoga and meditation, offering exercises that can be performed independently for muscle strengthening or collaboratively to cultivate shared breath control.

For example:

  • Yab-yum is widely recognized in the realm of tantric yoga and meditation as a symbol of divine union. This energy meditation can be practiced while clothed and remains highly effective. For a more intimate experience, couples can choose to engage in lovemaking using this position: the man sits cross-legged, akin to the lotus position, while the woman sits on him with her legs around his waist and embracing him around the neck. For added intimacy, the man may gently lift the woman to enhance penetration.
  • Yab-yum facilitates a slow and sensual lovemaking experience, emphasizing close physical connection and allowing both partners to control their sexual energy. Maintaining eye contact contributes to achieving a harmonious and deeply connected encounter, with the woman playing an active role by moving her pelvis from front to back, enhancing the couple's potential for an intense orgasmic state.

Hold back ejaculation. Orgasm Mastery

Tantric sex distinguishes itself by not solely pursuing orgasm as the culmination of a sexual encounter but rather viewing it as an integral part of connection with the partner.

In tantric philosophy, when ejaculation occurs, men experience a depletion of physical energy, requiring time for recovery. Many individuals turn to tantra to gain mastery over the ejaculation process. Mastery leads to what is known as the valley orgasm, characterized by orgasms felt throughout the body. Notably, orgasm doesn't mark the end of intercourse, as the erection persists, and clitoral stimulation can continue without discomfort.

A tantric technique for heightened awareness of the impending moment of ejaculation involves practicing perception of the preceding moment. This entails pausing when on the verge of ejaculation and, after a few seconds, resuming the activity. The key lies in actively listening to your body, enabling anticipation of the "point of no return" and identification of pleasurable sensations signaling an imminent orgasm.

Another method involves controlling the pubococcygeus muscle in the lower pelvis through Kegel exercises. By inhaling, holding the breath, contracting the area, and then exhaling, individuals can strengthen and control these muscles. In penile stimulation, as one approaches the point of no return, instead of ceasing stimulation, holding the breath and contracting the muscles can lead to orgasm without ejaculation.

First, work on these techniques individually. When you already have some mastery, practice with your partner.

Exploration of the valley and a new universe

Embarking on the exploration of the valley and a new universe, Tantra, often referred to as the cult of the feminine, celebrates the archetypal characteristics of the female life experience—tenderness, listening, softness, and sensitivity. Women, seen as creators of life not only through childbirth but also in their need for special care concerning the cycle and timing of sexuality, hold a central place in Tantra.

In tantric philosophy, the man takes on the role of accompanying and contributing to the woman's enjoyment. This heightened attention to a woman's pleasure creates a reciprocal impact, leading to increased pleasure for the man. The key lies in cultivating an attitude of attention and acceptance toward the partner's body—listening, perceiving, and feeling it subtly and wholly.

Moreover, the human body is a vast universe waiting to be discovered, with the potential to awaken various erogenous zones. A playful exercise involves each partner drawing the other's body on a piece of paper, marking the perceived erogenous areas with different colors. By comparing these drawings, couples gain insights for the next sexual encounter, putting their discoveries into practice.

Have you encountered the philosophy of Tantra before? Are you interested in experiencing tantric sex and exploring beyond conventional norms? Share your thoughts with us.

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