What is petting?

Sex beyond penetration also exists and is called petting

Have you ever wondered why sexual activities like manual stimulation, oral sex, caressing, and more are often not recognized as "sex"?

Thankfully, we've come a long way in debunking myths and breaking taboos around sex. We now understand that sex extends beyond just penetration.

The focus is not on demonizing intercourse, but rather on expanding our perspective and not making it the sole center of our erotic lives. By embracing a variety of sexual practices, we can enrich our intimate experiences and explore a world of pleasure beyond just intercourse.

Hence, this article serves as a tribute to the simple pleasures, those gestures and touches that bring us immense pleasure. It celebrates the joy and satisfaction found in these intimate acts, reminding us of the beauty in embracing and savoring them.

What is petting?

Petting, derived from the English verb "to pet" meaning to caress or pamper, refers to a range of sexual practices centered around intimate caresses without anal or vaginal penetration. It encompasses various activities including kissing, touching, caressing, masturbation, and oral sex. Additionally, petting can include practices like massages, role-playing games, and the use of sex toys. It's a comprehensive term that encompasses a wide array of pleasurable experiences beyond traditional penetrative acts.

Were you aware that our largest sexual organ is actually our skin? It covers approximately 2 square meters of our body and is densely packed with nerve endings that respond to various stimuli. Our skin plays a significant role in our sexual experiences, sensitively and delightfully responding to touch, caresses, and other pleasurable sensations.

How many types of petting are there?

There are several types of petting that encompass a range of intimacy and sexual experiences. Let's explore them:

  • Light Petting: This category includes practices that can be done (almost) anywhere and are socially acceptable in public. It involves holding hands or waists, kissing, hugging, or caressing over clothing. These seemingly innocent acts have numerous benefits, such as increasing oxytocin, which enhances bonding and produces a sense of well-being. Additionally, dopamine is released, leading to pleasure and desire.
  • Moderate Petting: Taking it a step further in terms of intimacy, this type of petting involves caressing under clothing. It can be an exciting erotic game, allowing for sensual touches all over the body. If done discreetly, these caresses can even be enjoyed in broad daylight. The sensation of skin against skin adds to the excitement and opens up a world of erotic possibilities.
  • Heavy Petting: This level of petting involves intimate and sexual caresses both under clothing and while completely naked. It includes practices such as oral sex, mutual masturbation, and rubbing genitals against each other. To add an extra touch of excitement, indulging in an erotic massage or engaging in caresses under the shower can break the routine and enhance pleasure.

These different degrees of petting offer a variety of sensual and intimate experiences, allowing couples to explore and enjoy their sexuality in diverse ways.

Tricks for explosive petting

Kisses and caresses:

Explore different types of kisses, including short, long, intense, sucking, blowing, licking, and nibbling. Observe your partner's reactions and adjust accordingly.

When caressing your partner, use various techniques such as circles, zigzag patterns, or straight lines. Start with gentle pressure and gradually increase to heighten arousal. Communication is key, so don't hesitate to ask your partner what they enjoy.


Petting can lead to orgasm, even without penetration. For example, a breast massage can elicit orgasmic sensations by activating similar areas of the brain as genital stimulation. There's much to discover beyond penetration.

Consider massaging your partner's perineum if they have a penis (an external way to stimulate the prostate). For those with a clitoris, explore its 8,000+ nerve endings with your tongue, hands, or a vibrator.

Erotic toys:

Erotic toys can indeed enhance your petting experiences and become valuable allies in exploring pleasure. There is a wide variety of options available, ranging from vibrators for massaging your partner's erogenous zones to toys for self-pleasure. Here are some toy ideas for different erogenous zones:

  • Clitoris or nipples: Consider using toys like Fellare or Rosena. designed specifically for stimulating these areas.
  • Penis: Toys such as Typhoon or Camera can provide unique sensations and pleasure for the penis.
  • Anal: Explore the use of a toy like Raider. for anal stimulation, if you and your partner are interested.
  • Whole-body vibration: Geek Wand is a toy that can be used to playfully introduce vibrations throughout the body, enhancing sensory experiences.

In addition to incorporating toys, you can also explore different Kamasutra positions during petting. For example, the classic missionary position allows for intimate eye contact while engaging in non-penetrative activities like caressing or mutual masturbation. You can also try other positions such as sitting, in the shower, or spooning, and use the opportunity to explore your own erogenous zones. By combining these pleasurable techniques with Kamasutra practices, you can significantly enhance your pleasure and create an exponentially heightened experience.

Unleash your imagination with petting, allowing yourself to touch, kiss, and caress your partner until pleasure becomes overwhelming. Rediscover the power of touch and let your senses guide you to new heights of pleasure and intimacy.

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