The Kivin method: a solution for the best pleasure

Now, before we raise any eyebrows, we acknowledge that the name might be a bit misleading. However, the Kivin Method is about to astonish you in a significant way.

To put it in context, when life begins, our parents start by sending us to daycare, where we learn the basics. We then continue our education at school, aiming for excellence in university. Education is undeniably important, but what about the other side of life, the joys, the pleasures, and yes, even sex? Who educates us about that? It appears that no government includes the art of finding happiness in the natural act of sex within their curricula.

Today is your lucky day because our experts in male sexual health are more than willing to provide you with all the information you need on how to master the Kivin Method.

What is the Kivin method?

The Kivin Method is an excellent oral sex technique designed to heighten a woman's excitement. This technique is primarily focused on the vulva, specifically the clitoris, which boasts over 8,000 nerve endings, allowing for more intense pleasure. What's remarkable is that climax can be achieved in just a matter of minutes, typically ranging from three to ten.

There are distinct differences between male and female orgasms. For instance, men tend to reach their peak of arousal more frequently than women. You might wonder why this is the case and why we often lack the knowledge to excel in this area. It's simply because we sometimes lack the necessary tools to break free from monotony and rekindle our sexual desire. The Kivin Method promises to introduce new experiences and, in addition, make the entire process much more enjoyable.

In fact, practicing the Kivin Method and its specific positioning is not only comfortable but also incredibly satisfying. Many individuals, particularly women, suffer from anorgasmia, a condition characterized by the inability to achieve orgasm. For those facing this sexual dysfunction, the joy of sexual intimacy is entirely hindered. This is where the Kivin Method shines, as it is highly recommended for such cases. By incorporating this technique, we can finally attain that coveted orgasm, and do so rapidly and intensely.

How to do the Kivin method?

Let's switch up the "modus operandi." Generally, when we engage in oral sex with a woman, we tend to position our head between her legs and get to work. We're not suggesting that this approach is wrong, but our sexologists, who specialize in cunnilingus, can introduce you to alternative methods that can lead to quicker orgasms.

  • First, instead of placing oneself between her legs, the person providing oral pleasure should lie on their side, approaching the vulva from above the thighs rather than below.
  • Next, they should use their index finger and thumb on either side of the clitoris to gently lift and stabilize it. Once the optimal position is achieved and everything is set, instead of licking the vulva up and down, it should be done from side to side. This stimulates a larger area of the clitoris itself, intensifying excitement.
  • By altering the hand positions in this way and licking the entire clitoral hood, you can explore new variations that heighten the intensity of sensations.

The Kivin Method is even more versatile than it might appear, and there's a second approach to try. Lift one of her legs, place it on your shoulder, and repeat the entire process. The objective is to find the perfect position for sexual pleasure.

This technique, ideal for foreplay, is sure to earn you extra points with your partner.

Does the Kivin method always work?

In this life, nothing is foolproof, but it's evident that even if it doesn't result in "the orgasm of your life," it does foster sexual communication and experimentation. And this is always beneficial for a healthy sexual relationship within a couple. The Kivin Method provides images that will stick with you in your everyday life, helping you enhance satisfaction with the person you share your most intimate moments with.

To complement this oral sex technique, we can incorporate certain tips:

  • Utilize lubricants to alleviate vulvar dryness, which can enhance clitoral arousal more rapidly and effectively. 
  • Introduce sex toys to explore alternative forms of foreplay. 
  • Experiment with different positions and explore new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

It's essential to exercise caution when practicing this method, especially if you have multiple sexual partners, as there is a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it's advisable to undergo STD tests to address any concerns.

Why not try everything new imaginable to find that elusive key that unlocks the most pleasurable sound in the world: the orgasm?

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