Playing with Balls: The How’s and Why’s of Testicle Massages

When it comes to pleasuring a guy’s genitals, the penis tends to get the lion’s share of the attention. Given its distinct shape, however, it’s practically a landmark, so who can blame it? 

But there are plenty of ways you can pleasure a man without ever touching his staff or going through the back door. One such avenue is through his balls. 

Testicle massages can not only lead to some pleasurable outcomes, but they can also have a lot of health benefits, provided you treat the family jewels properly. 

How do you do that? Well, let’s find out. 

What is a Testicle Massage?

Put simply, a testicle massage is a way to stimulate the testis, usually for pleasure. The techniques used could vary, but it could also involve stimulating the surrounding areas as well, including the inner thighs. 

For a lot of people, guys in particular, the idea of a testicle massage, sometimes referred to as ball play, might sound unappealing. It’s understandable, of course. If you’re a guy, then you’re probably experienced how painful a light tap on the gonads could be. 

But the testicles are a very sensitive erogenous zone and leaving them out during sexual stimulation is basically like ignoring half the potential pleasure you could enjoy. 

The male orgasm itself can be complex, with many different parts involved. The penis, usually the main star of the show, holds only a fraction of it. 

Aside from manually stimulating the balls by hand, testicular massages could also involve toy play. 

Are There Benefits?

Testicle massages are fairly straightforward to do, but the benefits you get from them are many. Here are just a few of them 

Improved (And Multiple) Orgasms

The testicles themselves are quite sensitive, mostly when it comes to pain, sure, but you can use that sensitivity to your advantage. 

When done correctly, especially whilst stimulating other parts of your sexual organs, a testicle massage could lead to some very strong orgasms. Not only that, but it could also lead to longer ones, or even multiple orgasms if you are aroused enough. 

For example, whenever you ejaculate or are super-aroused, you might notice your balls recede into your body or “ride up”. If you actually pull your testicles down gently during ejaculation, either by hand or with the use of a cock ring, your orgasms become more potent. 

It does take a bit of practice and experimentation on your part to find the best way to do it, but when done right, a testicle massage can send you on a rocket ship of pleasure. 

Improved Sperm Count

Although it’s still up for debate, regular testicle massages are said to improve both the sperm count and the quality of sperm.

Of course, sperm quality and quantity ultimately are determined by your lifestyle choices, like exercise and proper diet, but you certainly wouldn’t lose much if you give your balls a little help. 

Better Erections

You also get better erections when you get a testicle massage regularly. This means both in duration and hardness. 

This can be a result of being better aroused as a result of ball play, but testicle massages do help improve blood circulation to your nads, which in turn, improve your erections. 

Not only that, but the improved blood circulation can also make your penis more sensitive, giving your better orgasms each time. 

Pain Relief

Another benefit as a result of improved blood circulation to your balls is pain relief, especially if it’s done at least twice a week. 

If you are suffering from inflammation, or testicular pain, you still have to make a visit to your physician, but regular testicle massages can help with the recovery. Also, if you’re taking medication for your testicular pain, a massage can help you absorb any antibiotics better.

Help Keep Tabs on your Balls

Doing a testicle massage at least twice a week is not only pleasurable, but also a good reason for you to check the health of your little boys. 

Also, if you do it regularly enough, this will let you get more acquainted with your testicles, allowing you to have a good reference point, in case something weird does happen. 

Stuff to watch out for include hard lumps, inflammation, and pain. If you do feel something out of the ordinary, go check with your physician immediately. 

How to Give a Testicle Massage

Before we get into the actual techniques you can use, do bear in mind that a man’s testicles are very sensitive. Tolerance also varies from person to person, so what techniques work with one guy might not be so good to use on another. 

Communicating with your partner is key and be sure not to use any sudden movements whenever you are exploring with your partner. When applying pressure, start soft, then gradually increase. 

Be sure to cut your nails short and filed, and make sure you’re not wearing any jewelry.


If your man hasn’t had a testicle massage yet, then it’s best to do it first while his penis is being stimulated, like during sex, or with a hand job.

Choose sex positions that make it easier for you to reach his balls. 

Cup your man’s balls together at the palm of your hand, then squeeze and pull gently. Work them slowly, but firmly. They aren’t as fragile as eggs, so be confident when playing with them, but use slow movements. 

As you play with his balls, increase the pressure a little and add a bit of variation with how you cup and massage his balls together. Check your partner’s reaction as you do and adjust accordingly. 

If he retreats or pulls away, slow down. But if he moans louder, do more of it. Make sure to change up your technique once in a while so he doesn’t get used to the sensation. 

Don’t forget to play with the scrotum as well. Trace it with your fingers and find the more sensitive parts of the skin. There should be a line on the middle of the scrotum. This is a very sensitive spot you can try stimulating. 

If your partner has gotten used to the sensation at this point, you can start introducing toys into the mix. Just make sure your partner is up for it. 


Another good way to stimulate your man’s balls is through oral play. You can pretty much use your mouth and tongue the same way as your palm and fingers. 

Focus more on stimulating the individual balls, then trace the scrotum with the tip of your tongue. You can insert each testicle into your mouth and suck. You can also play with them using your tongue whilst they’re inside. 

Same rules apply here when it comes to applying pressure. Start slow and light, then steadily increase depending on your partner’s reactions.

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