Guide to taking good nudes

There is more than one way that pleasure and heat can rise between you and your playmate. Many do not even require close contact, and among them is sexting. Look at this guide to take the most sensual photos, applies to men and women.

What to know beforehand?

Preparation is key when delving into the world of personal photo shoots, and it goes beyond perfecting angles and lighting (which we'll cover shortly).

Javay Frye-Nekrasova, M.Ed., a sex educator at Touchhoney, emphasizes the importance of considering security and privacy. Even if you don't plan to share your photos with anyone or post them publicly, safeguarding your content is crucial. Frye-Nekrasova recommends using tools like a hidden folder or secure apps like Photo Vault, protected with a password, especially if you often share your phone.

When contemplating sharing nudes, experts advise a cautious approach. Carly S., a pleasure expert and founder of Dildo or Dildon't, suggests assuming that any picture sent might be seen by someone else. If the idea is unsettling, it's best not to send it. For a saucy pic that needs a second opinion, consider sharing it in person to witness their live reaction.

Consider the distinct features of your body when choosing what to capture, Carly S. advises. Unique identifiers like moles, scars, tattoos, and piercings can compromise anonymity. Angle those parts out of the frame or use makeup or editing apps like PhotoDiva and RetouchMe to conceal them.

If you plan to share your photo, obtaining consent is paramount. According to Frye-Nekrasova, always ask before sending nudes, even if the recipient has seen your intimate photos before. Timing is crucial, and a simple question like, "Can I send you a nude right now?" or a more elaborate explanation works to ensure comfort and consent.

1. Hint, don't go straight to the sexual organs

We know that the hottest point is to show the excitement generated by whoever we message, but we are not only a vulva, penis, breasts, or buttocks. Take this into account:

  • Play with Transparencies:

Instead of revealing everything explicitly, consider wearing clothes that play with transparencies. These garments can showcase intriguing details such as bulges, edges, and nipples without exposing genitals. This adds an element of mystery and anticipation to your photos.

  • Utilize Lighting Techniques:

Experiment with lighting, whether it's natural or artificial. Playing with silhouettes, where a glimpse of your body and the shadows it creates is visible, can be incredibly alluring. Strategic lighting can enhance the mood and intensity of your photos, setting the stage for a captivating visual experience.

  • Diversify Shots for Men:

For men, move beyond traditional explicit photos and explore more nuanced angles. Instead of a straightforward genital display, consider shots that involve open pants, a suggestive glimpse of the buttocks, or the use of arms and hands to cover rather than fully expose. This adds an element of sophistication and creativity to the imagery.

  • Enhance Skin Appearance:

Elevate the visual appeal of your skin by adding a touch of highlighter, oils, or cream. Applying these to areas like the shoulders, chest, or torso can create a nice, shiny effect, adding sensuality and allure to your intimate photos.

2. Pay attention to the pose

All the bodies are cool and divine to look at. Remember that rolls, stretch marks and details of the body are natural in everyone. If you want certain parts of the body to show off, you can try the following:

  • Bend your legs a little so they look more shapely.
  • Bring your arms together towards your chest to highlight it.
  • Kneel down and separate your knees, forming a V with your legs and find an angle to show off your booty.
  • Lie face down and take the photo at an angle to show off your chest, torso and legs.

3. Use objects at hand

Create your setting to take unforgettable photos. Try this:

  • Look with a mirror, use the reflection where you can see skin and some parts of your body.
  • Cover a bit of the camera with a sensual garment or accessory, it can be lingerie, ties, necklaces, bows, and take a daring photo that is half visible.
  • Ropes, harnesses or handcuffs. If you have them on hand, play with your skin and those clothes that reflect control and/or submission practices. Even if the role does not seem interesting to you, this type of accessories highlights your body and the imagination of your loved one.
  • Get out your Touch Honey sex toys and create the idea that you will use them during or after the heat of the conversation turns on.

4. Take care of the backgrounds and image

When it comes to capturing intimate photos, paying attention to backgrounds and image aesthetics is essential for creating visually appealing and enticing shots. Here are some tips to enhance the overall quality and artistic appeal of your photos:

  • Strategic Placement of Clothes:

To generate anticipation and add a playful element to your photos, consider placing the clothes you took off on the ground. This not only adds a touch of creativity but also creates a visual narrative.

  • Capture Different Angles:

Experiment with capturing shots of your legs and/or feet to diversify the composition of your photos. Different angles can bring a dynamic and artistic dimension to your intimate photo collection.

  • Maintain Tidiness:

Ensure that the room or space where you're taking photos is neat and free of clutter. A tidy background allows the main focus to remain on you, creating a more aesthetically pleasing visual experience.

  • Decorate Your Space:

Take the opportunity to decorate a small area of your space to enhance the overall atmosphere. Consider adding elements that resonate with your style and preferences, creating a visually appealing backdrop for your photos.

  • Experiment with Filters:

Explore the use of filters to add a creative touch to your photos. Filters that simulate glitter or allow you to change the background can bring an extra layer of uniqueness and artistry to your intimate shots. Additionally, experimenting with filters can serve as a distinctive security mark for your images.

5. Safe Nudes

Unfortunately, your photos can be used improperly, as it is common for there to be people who share them with others without your authorization or use them as revenge porn by disseminating them in public digital spaces and media.

Thanks to the Olimpia Law, this action is already punishable and there are sanctions for whoever does it, however it does not hurt to take these precautions:

  • In your photo or video, try not to show your face or any distinctive mark of yours, from tattoos, significant signs on your body or any other attribute where you are recognized.
  • Take care that funds do not leave your room or house. Try not to give details of where you are if you share them with someone you don't know yet.
  • You can add filters or watermarks to identify who you sent that photo to.
  • Use encrypted apps that notify you if your friend takes a screenshot or apply the function where the image can only be seen a certain number of times or for a few seconds.  
  • Without worries or fears, remember that you deserve to enjoy!

In Conclusion

In summary, nude selfies are not just limited to enhancing dirty talk and phone sex; they have broader benefits. Beyond helping a distant partner, these intimate photos can boost confidence, diminish body shame, and even serve as a potential source of income.

Whether the purpose is personal or involves sharing with others, the key is not to overthink achieving the perfect shot. A clutter-free background, a sense of experimentation, and a dash of creativity are ample ingredients for a successful solo photo shoot.

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