A thorough explanation of how to do the legendary position, Anvil! Get out of a rut with exciting sex positions

Among various positions, the 'Anvil' is renowned for its rarity. Maniacal positions offer an excellent escape from a routine sexual experience.

"I'm uncertain if I can execute it proficiently."

"I'm interested in exploring other positions."

What's on the minds of many individuals?

In this context, let me present a detailed guide to the Anvil position and five thrilling suggestions to experiment with using the Anvil technique! Your partner is sure to be captivated by the novelty, breaking free from the monotony of repetitive positions. It's time to infuse excitement into your intimate moments and bid farewell to mundane sexual encounters!

Highly difficult! Thorough explanation of sex position Anvil

"Anvil" is a unique and challenging sex position, earning its reputation as the "legendary position" due to its relative obscurity.

The depicted body configuration involves individuals stacking on top of each other in alternating positions, engaging in piston-like movements from above. While its classification as a conventional sexual act may be debated, its acrobatic nature often places it in the realm of impact-oriented adult content.

The term "Anvil" draws inspiration from historical wooden or stone stands, also named anvil, once utilized to smooth out wrinkles in fabric before the invention of irons. The name is derived from the rhythmic hip movements reminiscent of striking an object from above, akin to the motion used when using a stick or mallet to dry fabric on a table.

The comfort of Anvil from the perspective of both men and women

Anvil may initially appear more focused on its visual appeal than on pleasure, yet it offers numerous benefits that contribute to a satisfying experience for both men and women. Let's delve into how Anvil provides pleasure from both perspectives:

Let's start with the benefits for men.

Advantages for men

  • Sense of Conquest: Experience a heightened sense of conquest during intimacy.
  • Glans Sensation: Feel the intimate contact as the glans rubs against the partner.
  • Muscle Training: Engage in effective muscle training, particularly for the legs and hips.
  • Sadistic Element: Suited for individuals with sadistic preferences, offering the freedom to explore desires within a consensual context.
  • Embodied Experience: The insertion angle enhances the tactile experience, providing a unique and embodied sensation.
  • Versatile Movements: Incorporates piston-like movements similar to squats, contributing to comprehensive muscle engagement.

Here are the benefits for women.

Advantages for women

  • Aroused by Shame: The unique dynamics of the Anvil position, where one might feel exposed or vulnerable, can trigger arousal through a sense of shame. For women with a masochistic inclination, this psychological element can contribute to heightened pleasure.
  • Stimulation in Unusual Places: Anvil stimulates different areas compared to conventional positions, offering a novel and exciting experience. This variety in stimulation can lead to increased arousal and pleasure for women.
  • Ease of Orgasms: Women who lean towards masochism may find it easier to achieve orgasm due to the psychological pleasure derived from the position. The sense of being a 'hole' in this context can intensify the overall experience.
  • Psychological Pleasure: The position, which may create a perception of being just a receptacle, can induce a unique psychological pleasure, contributing to a fulfilling sexual encounter. 
  • Exploration of New Erogenous Zones: By introducing a different direction of penetration, Anvil can stimulate the back G-spot, potentially leading to the discovery and development of new erogenous zones. This exploration adds a layer of excitement and pleasure for women.

In essence, Anvil offers a range of advantages for women, including arousal through shame, stimulation in unconventional areas, ease of orgasms for masochistic preferences, psychological pleasure, and the exploration of new erogenous zones, making it a potentially enriching experience.

Due to its special nature, Anvil has many disadvantages.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to Anvil. Let's start by explaining the disadvantages for men.

Disadvantages for men

  • Muscle Strain in Legs and Hips: Engaging in the Anvil position requires significant strength in the legs and hips. Sitting in the middle for an extended period demands more muscle endurance than anticipated, leading to the accumulation of lactic acid and potential difficulty in maintaining proper movement.
  • Difficulty in Sustaining Penile Position: One notable drawback is the tendency for the penis to easily slip out during the Anvil position. Achieving the correct angle is crucial, as any deviation may result in disconnection. Caution is advised, particularly to avoid potential mishaps when employing forceful piston movements.
  • Fatigue and Limited Duration: The physical demands of supporting the position can lead to fatigue in a relatively short time. Normal individuals may find it challenging to sustain the required muscle strength, impacting subsequent sexual activities. Prolonged engagement in this position is discouraged to avoid adverse effects on follow-up encounters.

There are three disadvantages for women:

Disadvantages of women
  • Significant Strain on Lower Back: The Anvil position places a substantial burden on the lower back for women. The constant lifting of the back combined with the downward motion of the pistons can create a higher load on the lower back compared to men, contributing to discomfort.
  • Breathing Difficulty: Women may experience difficulty in breathing due to the position requiring the bending of the stomach. This can be attributed to the physical constraints imposed by the posture, impacting the ease of respiration during the activity.
  • Lack of Physical Contact and Warmth: The position restricts the contact of only a part of the lower body with the ground, leading to a diminished sense of love and warmth. This lack of physical closeness can potentially affect the emotional connection between partners. It's advisable to communicate openly and considerately to ensure that both partners are comfortable and satisfied during the experience.

The process of doing the legendary Anvil position

Next, I will explain the specific process of actually performing Anvil.

In addition to the basic methods, we will also introduce methods that reduce fatigue and advanced versions for advanced users, so please give them a try.

1. Lift the woman's legs towards her head

To initiate the Anvil position, lay the woman on her back and lift her legs towards her head. Visualize bringing her ankles over her head, positioning her vagina directly above.

It is crucial to engage in foreplay beforehand. Adequate arousal and lubrication are essential to facilitate easier insertion. If there is insufficient wetness, attempting the Anvil position may be challenging. Consider waiting until you have explored other positions before transitioning to Anvil, allowing the body to relax gradually.

If stability is a concern, preemptively place a pillow or cushion under her waist. This provides additional support during the activity and reduces the risk of misalignment during insertion.

For added comfort, an alternative seating option is to sit on a sofa and have the woman rest her buttocks on the backrest. This configuration can contribute to a more supportive and relaxed setting for both partners.

Ensure open communication and attentiveness to comfort throughout the experience to enhance overall enjoyment of the Anvil position.

2. Insert your penis facing the opposite direction of the woman and hit it with her middle waist. 

Following that, the man positions himself in the opposite direction from the woman and proceeds to insert his penis, creating a distinctive shape. If this is an unfamiliar posture, consider spreading your legs widely and guiding the penis between them.

Once insertion is confirmed, the next step involves bending over and rhythmically thrusting the penis. Visualizing this movement as a bouncing piston can aid in achieving a more fluid motion.

To effectively stimulate the G-spot and back G-spot, it's essential to adjust the angle. Experiment with variations in leg positioning, body posture, and make subtle adjustments to the height of the woman's hips. Frequent communication, such as asking, "What feels good?" ensures better understanding and enhances the overall experience for both partners.

3. If you get tired, it's okay to put your hands on your hands.

Engaging in the Anvil position demands a considerable amount of physical strength, and a typical session may not extend beyond a few minutes. If fatigue sets in, a recommended modification is to transition to a kneeling position, placing your hands on the ground or a sofa. This posture resembles that of a water strider.

In this modified stance, the body is supported by four pillars, significantly enhancing stability. This not only provides more flexibility physically and mentally but also allows for increased focus on the piston movement, facilitating stronger stimulation for both partners.

It's crucial to note that even with this adjustment, sustaining the Anvil position can still exert physical strain. As the buttocks are elevated, the overall load on the body intensifies. Prolonged engagement in this position may lead to back pain. If you sense any discomfort or decide it's not suitable, promptly transition to a different position to ensure both safety and comfort.

4. Grabbing or slapping the buttocks will enhance the SM feeling! 

Moving forward, let's delve into the practical aspects of Anvil for those seeking heightened stimulation.

For an added dimension, consider incorporating SM play into the mix, involving the grabbing and slapping of the buttocks during penetration. Anvil uniquely provides an up-close view of the buttocks, offering an intimate canvas for rhythmic drumming or exploring various forms of ass play aligned with your desires.

Additionally, seizing the opportunity to grab the buttocks serves a dual purpose, not only intensifying stimulation but also contributing to body balance. This multifunctional aspect adds a practical advantage to the experience. Moreover, this tactile engagement enhances the sense of warmth, creating a more intimate connection, particularly for women.

It's essential to exercise caution and awareness of your partner's preferences. Not everyone may be inclined towards masochistic play, and it's crucial to ensure that both individuals are comfortable and consenting to the chosen activities. Forcing positions or activities without understanding and consent can potentially lead to uncomfortable or negative experiences, especially for those who may not share similar preferences. Prioritize open communication and mutual consent for a mutually enjoyable encounter.

5. Verbal abuse is also effective for masochistic women.

For those engaging with a masochistic partner, verbal play can be an effective complement to the experience.

Expressive lines such as, "Does it feel good to be dressed in such an embarrassing way?" or "My anus is tingling" can add a provocative layer to the encounter. The absence of face-to-face interaction allows for bolder verbal exchanges, leveraging the fact that women cannot observe the man's facial expressions. Even mild verbal teasing can elicit a potent shaming effect.

Verbal interaction serves as a valuable tool to compensate for the potential lack of warmth in Anvil, fostering communication that enhances the overall experience. Playfully taunting with words while exploring acrobatic positions can contribute to a heightened sense of enjoyment and connection. It's crucial, however, to maintain open communication and ensure that both partners are comfortable with the chosen verbal dynamics, as individual preferences may vary.

6. If you are a masochistic man, you can also play with fingering the anus!

Anvil offers a unique perspective where not only is the woman's anus fully visible, but it also allows the man's anus to be exposed from her viewpoint. This opens the door to unconventional play, taking advantage of this visibility to incorporate finger-based stimulation to her anus.

This distinctive feature allows for an experience that goes beyond the possibilities of other positions. The ability to simultaneously engage in penetration while subjecting the anus to stimulation is an exclusive aspect of Anvil. It essentially provides an opportunity to play in a manner akin to a reverse threesome (3P) without the need for an additional partner.

For those seeking an extra layer of sensation, the use of toys can be incorporated. Imagine the thrill of using an anal vibrator while engaging in the piston movements of Anvil. The combination of these sensations can be tantalizing.

While Anvil is often associated with a dynamic where the man takes on a dominant role and the woman a submissive one, it's essential to highlight that the enjoyment of Anvil can be versatile. It can be just as fulfilling when roles are reversed, allowing for a sadistic partner to take the lead. If you have a sadistic inclination, consider exploring Anvil from a different perspective and communicate openly with your partner about your desires.

5 recommended exciting sex positions to try with Anvil

Finally, let's explore five recommended and thrilling positions that you can incorporate into your intimate moments. The realm of sexual positions is vast and diverse, offering exciting and acrobatic alternatives to infuse new energy into your relationship with your partner.

Stay tuned for detailed instructions, the advantages and disadvantages of each position, as well as essential precautions. Breaking out of routine and trying something new can enhance intimacy and deepen the connection with your partner. Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery in the world of exciting sexual positions.

1. Piledriver

The first recommended position is the "Piledriver." True to its direct name, it involves a close alignment of the genitalia, reminiscent of the preparatory stage in Anvil.

Here's a simple guide to performing the Piledriver:

  1. Lay the woman on her back.
  2. Bring her legs over your head.

With this positioning, the woman's genitals are directly above, offering an excellent opportunity for cunnilingus. This position is not only straightforward but also serves as an ideal form of foreplay before transitioning into Anvil.

For added stability, consider having the man sitting upright with his knees under the woman's waist. Alternatively, placing a pillow or cushion under her feet can provide additional support, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Engaging in the Piledriver position offers both partners a unique blend of sensations, fostering a desire for conquest and a sense of shame.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy Access to Cunnilingus: The positioning in the Piledriver makes cunnilingus easily accessible, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Desire for Conquest: Men may experience a heightened desire for conquest in this position, adding a dynamic element to the encounter.
  • Sense of Shame: Women, on the other hand, may feel a sense of shame, contributing to a more emotionally charged experience.
  • Feeling of Deep Insertion: Beyond facilitating cunnilingus, the Piledriver allows for a feeling of deep insertion, intensifying the physical connection.
  • Difficulty in Breathing: A notable challenge in the Piledriver position is potential difficulty in breathing, particularly for the woman.
  • Fully Visible Anus: Another disadvantage, especially for women, is the full visibility of the anus. This aspect can be highly stimulating for some individuals, potentially leading to feelings of discomfort or even despair.

It's essential to be mindful of your partner's comfort and preferences. The complete visibility of the anus might be overwhelming for some, and it's crucial to prioritize open communication and mutual consent.

2. Standing pine needles

The "Standing Pine Needles" position involves a creative and acrobatic crossing of the bodies of a man and a woman. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform this position:

  1. Hold both ankles of the woman and lift her up.
  2. Open her legs and straddle between them.
  3. Push the penis downward and insert it.

During this position, the woman will be in a handstand-like posture, and she should spread her arms out for balance. The most challenging aspect is the insertion, requiring effort to hold her legs and insert straight down.


  • Ideal for Portio Development: The position facilitates deep penetration, making it ideal for portio development. The ability to insert deeply enhances the overall experience and provides a unique sensation.
  • Aroused by Shame: The bold and acrobatic nature of the Standing Pine Needles position contributes to a heightened sense of shame for both partners. This psychological element adds an extra layer of arousal to the encounter.
  • Bold Appearance and Excellent Insertion Feeling: Beyond its visual boldness, the position also offers an exceptional insertion sensation. The combination of a striking appearance and a satisfying feeling during penetration enhances the overall excitement of the experience.
  • Wide Crotch Opening for Women: Women, in particular, can experience a sense of shame by opening their crotch wide in this position, adding to the emotional intensity of the encounter.


  • Difficulty in Breathing and Neck Discomfort: The position may pose challenges for the woman in terms of breathing and neck discomfort due to the handstand-like posture.
  • Blood Rushes to the Head Easily: There is a risk of blood rushing to the head easily, which may cause discomfort for both partners.
  • Potential Danger if Falling: The precarious nature of the position makes it potentially dangerous if there's a risk of falling. It's advisable to perform this on a large bed to minimize the chances of injury in case of a fall.
  • Limited Physical Contact and Warmth: Due to the acrobatic nature of the position, there may be a diminished sense of physical contact and warmth between partners.

3. Pick up

"Holding Up" is a highly acrobatic position from the back, reminiscent of a gymnastic technique. In this position, the man holds the woman's legs in a push-up-like stance while inserting himself into her. Here's a detailed guide on how to perform this position:

  1. The woman begins by crawling on all fours.
  2. The man positions himself on his knees and lifts the woman's thighs.
  3. Spread the woman's legs and proceed with insertion.

To enhance stability, it is advisable for the man to hold the woman slightly above his knees. While it is common for women to balance themselves with their palms on the ground, if the man is not confident in his strength, he can ask the woman to stand on her elbows and support her body with her hands above her elbows.


  • Deep Penetration: This position allows for deep penetration, intensifying the physical connection between partners.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem and Sense of Conquest: Successfully executing the "Holding Up" position can instill a sense of accomplishment and conquest, contributing to heightened self-esteem for both partners.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Porn Star Feel: The visually appealing nature of this position provides a sensation reminiscent of a porn star experience, adding an exciting dimension to the encounter.
  • Sensation of Being Treated Like a Toy: The unique dynamics of the "Holding Up" position create a sensation of being treated like a toy. This aspect can be particularly enticing for individuals with masochistic inclinations. 
  • Requires Considerable Muscle Strength: Both men and women need significant muscle strength, particularly in the core, to maintain this position successfully.
  • Risk of Falling on Face if Failing: There is a significant risk of falling on the face if the position is not maintained properly. This risk increases, especially if one or both partners lack the required muscle strength.

One major disadvantage is the high demand for muscle strength from both partners. Adequate core strength is crucial to sustain the position successfully. Without sufficient strength, there's a risk of losing balance and falling, potentially resulting in injury.

It's recommended to approach the "Holding Up" position with caution and ensure that both partners are physically capable of maintaining the required strength. Performing this position on a soft surface, like a bed, can reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall.

Additionally, while the "Holding Up" position may seem more like a physical challenge than a sexual position, approaching it with a playful mindset can turn it into an enjoyable and engaging experience. Treat it like a game, focusing on the fun and excitement of attempting this unique and acrobatic position.

4. Standing

The "Standing" position, also known as the face-to-face standing position, is performed while standing and is straightforward to execute. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Stand facing each other.
  2. Lift one of the woman's legs.
  3. Insert diagonally from below.

If you encounter difficulty during insertion, communication is key. Ask the woman for assistance, as she can play an active role in facilitating a smooth entry. Engage in a piston motion from the bottom to the top. If you find it challenging to move your hips, especially if you are not accustomed to this position, start slowly and gradually increase the speed. To maintain stability during the piston movement, having the woman put her hands around your neck can be helpful.


  • Versatility - Can Be Done Anywhere: The significant advantage of the "Standing" position is its versatility, as it can be easily performed in various locations. Whether in small spaces, bathrooms, or outdoors, the flexibility of this position allows for spontaneous intimacy anywhere.
  • Ease of Kissing and Hugging: The position facilitates easy and intimate connection through kissing and hugging, adding a romantic element to the sexual encounter.

This position's ability to be done anywhere makes it a convenient choice for couples seeking excitement and intimacy in diverse settings. Whether in the confines of a small space or amidst the openness of the outdoors, the "Standing" position offers a versatile and accessible option for intimate moments.


  • Difficulty in Orgasming Due to Instability: The standing position may introduce instability, making it potentially challenging for some individuals to achieve orgasm.
  • Height Difference as a Challenge: If there is a significant height difference between partners, it can impact the ease of performing the position.
  • To address potential challenges: Improve Stability: For increased stability, consider pressing against a wall during the standing position. This additional support can help compensate for the potential instability caused by having only one leg in use.

Address Height Difference: If there is a noticeable height difference between partners, lifting the woman's legs can be a practical solution. This adjustment ensures a more comfortable and achievable standing position.

5. Sledding

"Sledding" is an advanced variation of the backward cowgirl position, requiring a bit of acrobatics. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform this position: 

  1. The man lies on his back.
  2. The woman inserts herself with her back facing the man's face.
  3. The woman arches her upper body.
  4. Once in a comfortable position, initiate the piston movement.

To smoothly transition to sledding, begin with the backward cowgirl position, and then arch your upper body. It's crucial to maintain penetration throughout the movement, ensuring the penis doesn't slip out. Additionally, the man should support the woman's body from below for added stability.

To optimize the experience:

Adjust Distance: Ensure an optimal distance between partners for comfortable piston movements. If too close, it may be challenging, so the woman can raise her hips slightly.

Knee Adjustment: If piston movement proves difficult, the woman can experiment with raising her knees slightly for better control and ease.


  • Easy G-Spot Stimulation: The position makes it easy to stimulate the G-spot through normal piston movements, enhancing pleasure for the woman.
  • Reduced Burden on Men: Compared to some other positions, the "Sledding" position places less physical burden on men, providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Erotic Visuals: The visual appeal of the position is erotic, adding an extra layer of stimulation to the experience. Performing this position in front of a mirror can heighten arousal and intensify the erotic visuals.

The "Sledding" position offers a combination of physical and visual stimulation, making it an appealing choice for those seeking an exciting and pleasurable experience. Experimenting with different elements, such as incorporating a mirror, can further enhance the erotic aspect of the position.


  • Easy to Come Out Due to Shallow Insertion: The insertion in the "Sledding" position tends to be shallow, which may result in easier disengagement.
  • Risk of Falling if Execution Fails: The woman is in an unstable position, making it essential to be cautious to avoid any accidental falls.
  • Hair Disruption: Long hair may fall into the woman's eyes during this position, potentially causing discomfort. 

To address potential challenges:

Optimize Insertion: Be mindful of the insertion depth, and if necessary, communicate with your partner to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Ensure Stability: Given the potential instability of the position, proceed with caution to prevent any accidental falls. Establish clear communication and trust between partners to enhance stability.

Hair Management: If either partner has long hair, consider tying it up with a rubber band before attempting the "Sledding" position to prevent hair interference.

Anvil is the perfect position to break out of a rut! Enjoy exciting sex with your partner

Anvil, although not widely known, has gained popularity through its appearance in porn due to its acrobatic and unconventional nature, making it an ideal choice for spicing up intimacy. In this discussion, we've delved into the specifics of Anvil and introduced five exciting positions to explore with it:

  • Piledriver
  • Standing Pine Needles
  • Pick Up
  • Standing
  • Sledding

In a world with countless positions, limiting oneself to conventional ones like missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style might seem like missing out. The realm of sexual exploration is vast, and Anvil's unique attributes present an opportunity to dive into diverse and exhilarating positions.

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