20 perverted sex plays that women secretly long for | Ordinary women confess their exciting perverted sex

If you've stumbled upon this article, it's likely you're seeking adventurous and playful ideas to spice up your intimate moments with your partner. Join us as two female writers share their firsthand experiences and introduce 20 playful ideas from a woman's perspective.

Kinky play sex really gets you wet...the sense of immorality and shame is irresistible!

The routine of normal sex can lead to a decrease in excitement, and it's not uncommon for men to feel the same way. If you're feeling bored with the usual, you're not alone. Sometimes, expressing your desires for more adventurous and naughty experiences can reignite the spark. In this article, we'll break away from the ordinary and delve into 20 selected and provocative plays. Get ready for our firsthand impressions and exciting anecdotes that showcase the thrill and arousal derived from these unconventional experiences!

1. Instant sex in a naked coat

The thrill of unanimous excitement lies in the immediacy of it all – the answer was "Immediate sex immediately." Stepping into a hotel or house, a deep kiss ignites the passion. The raw desire, the urgency, not even taking a moment to wash, creates an unparalleled intensity. Walking around naked with just a coat on adds an extra layer of excitement. Engaging in such naughty acts, the sense of doing something forbidden intensifies, and before you realize it, arousal takes over. Discovering the desire indoors, the explosive moment brings an extreme thrill and excitement.

Love juice is on socks... Immediately fuck in 3 minutes after entering the room!

Playing this game left my socks soaked with love juices by the time I reached the door (lol). Unlike regular teasing in sex, this time, I was so aroused that I went straight to penetration after giving a blowjob for about a minute. Despite the intensity, it felt incredibly satisfying. Going commando, my love juices dripped from my crotch. The loop of overflowing love juices, the embarrassment if seen, and the resulting excitement creates a perpetual arousal. It's a cost-free way to add some spice, and if you need inspiration, give it a try! 

2. Restrain with wrap! Saran Wrap play

Next up is Saran Wrap Play, a form of restraint involving the use of plastic wrap. Traditional restraints may be challenging for those living at home to acquire, but plastic wrap makes for a convenient substitute! Bend your elbows and knees, then roll up the wrap, ensuring only the breasts and pussy remain exposed. Being 155cm tall, I find a 35m wrap sufficient. It's a cost-effective choice, and if used for restraint play, the secret remains safe. Highly recommended!

The inconvenience of bending your limbs is the best

The sensation of being unable to turn over adds to the thrill as I feel taken by a man at his whim! Despite my comical appearance and the shame of my flesh clinging to the plastic wrap, the inconvenience of immobility heightens the excitement. It's akin to a masturbation experience exclusive to him. Opt for thin, soft wraps from stores instead of expensive ones for a more enjoyable experience!

3. Secure with a belt! electric massager torture

The electric vibrator torture is so exhilarating that it surpasses even the skills of a seasoned porn star. It's a classic choice, especially for men with limited experience, making it essential for those initial encounters! The device is firmly fastened to the thighs with a belt. A thrilling scenario unfolds as the pressure against the clitoris intensifies, the switch is activated, and a deep throat experience ensues. The inability to control the intensity adds to the addictive nature of the unrelenting vibrations, persisting even after reaching climax!

I was so embarrassed that I stopped thinking when I saw how I continued to cum. Leaking love juice and tide

This true story unfolds when I invited my then-boyfriend to my apartment, where the thin walls allowed my neighbors to hear my voice and the vibrator. The intensity skyrocketed when he used the vibrator on me in that situation. The embarrassment and thrill reached new heights as I felt the gaze of unseen neighbors, and my mind went blank with both shame and pleasure. Just as I thought I was squirting, the powerful vibrations from the electric massager intensified the experience. Despite it being a while since I had sex, my heart pounded, and I was genuinely excited!

4. Sweaty play

Sweaty play has gained popularity as a distinct porn genre, and it's undoubtedly super exciting! The liberating act of sweating to your heart's content feels inherently good. Engaging in intense, passionate sex creates a unique atmosphere where you become so wet that sweat becomes an unnoticed element. The allure of being pursued like a monkey adds to the excitement. Embracing the mentality that it's okay to sweat and get dirty is crucial, so consider trying it out at a love hotel!

Sweaty sex with maximum heating. Excited by the resounding piston sound

I engage in this game regularly. I intentionally turn off the background music, crank up the heat, and immerse myself fully in passionate sex. Love hotels, being soundproof, ensure that only the intimate sounds of gasping and the rhythmic piston movements, mingled with sweat, fill the space. It's a thrilling experience, reminiscent of ASMR, with every piston movement producing a tantalizing chirping sound. However, inviting someone to partake in this game might be a challenge unless you're accustomed to it.

5. Exposed in a public toilet late at night

Engaging in late-night sex in a public toilet, surrounded only by the sounds of insects, creates an eerie yet thrilling atmosphere with the echoing sounds of pistons and caresses. It might be nerve-wracking (lol), but the allure lies in enjoying immoral play for free. If you're in a big city, opting for an expensive area is advisable to avoid strong toilet smells, ensuring a more pleasant experience.

A public toilet late at night with graffiti on his body... If you see it, report it immediately!

Sharing my personal experience, I once went on a public sex date with a sadistic man in a cemetery. Being the only one engaging in naked activities added an extra thrill. To heighten the suspense, he took out markers and inscribed words like "bitch," "masturbator," and "slut" all over my body. The risk of being seen intensified the excitement, and despite the precarious situation, my arousal surpassed that of regular public encounters.

6. Peep play masturbation play

Similar to scenes often depicted in porn, I've recreated the experience of being watched while masturbating through the gap in the door. There's a peculiar thrill for men observing such a private act, and women, aware of the voyeuristic gaze, find arousal in the sense of shame, leading to heightened excitement.

Masturbate as hard as you can while feeling his prying eyes

This is a tale from when I visited my boyfriend's parents' house, and with them around, we couldn't engage in any intimate activities. Frustrated and aroused, I began to masturbate in private, only to discover that he was discreetly watching me. Surprisingly, the realization heightened my excitement, and I continued without reservation. There's a certain thrill in the perceived immorality of being observed, and the anticipation of how I present myself in front of him adds an extra layer of arousal.

7. Slow sex

Ever heard of slow sex? It's about taking things at a leisurely pace, losing track of time, and fully immersing oneself in the experience. It starts with a subtle tickle, gradually building up sensitivity for a more satisfying encounter. The key is to abandon the notion of time and wholeheartedly relish the eroticism unfolding. It's the ultimate tease, leaving you consumed with the desire to climax quickly and unable to think about anything else.

Slow sex with the lights on. Excited by the shame of having your pores seen

Feeling the frustration of slow sex? The desire to climax quickly is overwhelming, and I get it! Just two weeks ago, we tried slow sex in a brightly lit room. The intensity was unreal—being scrutinized down to the pores made me blush, and I was already drenched before any caresses began. While you can attempt this at home, a love hotel adds that extra oomph! The unique ambiance shifts your perspective on sex, letting you focus entirely. Forget the clock, set the lighting to the max, and immerse yourself in the experience.

8. Shameful play using a full-length mirror

During normal sex, you don't have a chance to see how you look and feel or how your vagina feels.

Look at yourself having sex in the full-length mirror! I feel like I'm watching a porn in which I'm appearing, and my sense of shame is aroused and I get excited...!

Have sex while looking at yourself in a full-length mirror

In my perspective, it's akin to indulging in voyeuristic pleasures. There's a certain thrill that comes from watching myself in a full-length mirror, especially when engaged in intimate moments from behind (lol). I'm torn between wanting him to witness it and feeling the embarrassment of being seen in such a vulnerable state. My contradictory emotions heighten the experience, creating a complex mix of excitement and self-consciousness.

The sight of myself during sex can be delightfully disheveled, with silly expressions as I revel in pleasure. It provides insight into the allure of men being captivated by the climaxing face. The interplay of emotions, from the thrill of exposure to the intimate vulnerability, makes this a unique and intriguing aspect of sexual exploration.

9. Play without washing your feet and armpits

Engaging in play without washing your feet and armpits adds another sensory dimension to the experience. While there's a common association between sweat and dirtiness, the world of scent fetishes in certain sex shops challenges this perception. Initially hesitant about being smelled by someone I like, I found myself drawn to the allure of the man's natural scent (lol). It's a unique exploration that may lead to unexpected pleasures, so why not give it a try and see if you get hooked?

The smell of a man excites me! Close sex while smelling each other's sweat

Exploring scents during summer, when sweating is more prevalent, might seem obvious, but the twist is that winter enhances the experience. The aroma becomes more pronounced when the sweat dries! In winter, I've even engaged in unique play—wearing boots and leather clothes, having post-date sex with my partner without showering, savoring their manly oily scent and my own stuffy armpits. It's undeniably a super perverted play (lol), but the thrill of doing something naughty adds to the excitement!

10. Body wash play

While I typically limit lube to intimate areas, the sensation of applying it all over my body brings a unique excitement! Opting for the powder-mixed-with-hot-water type allows for an affordable lotion bath experience. Playing on a mat as both bodies become slippery adds an extra layer of enjoyment. The heightened sensitivity of my nipples due to the lube is incredible, and if not for the cleanup, I'd be tempted to indulge in this daily!

Body wash sex in a lube bath! Erogenous zones all over the body due to sliminess

Incorporating a mat into the play allows for a luxurious experience reminiscent of high-class soap situations in adult content. The act of rubbing a man's body with my own creates a sensation akin to masturbating using his form (lol). The slippery texture enhances the overall pleasure, making the entire body feel exquisite. For men who appreciate masochistic tendencies, lying down while playing body wash with a woman adds an extra layer of enjoyment. The service-oriented play leads to an intense climax, as women often find sudden penetration from below highly satisfying. A quick note: To avoid drain clogs, dissolve lube with salt before flushing it away.

11. Drunk and sexy!

Getting drunk quickly with strong alcohol, like tequila, can lead to heightened sexual experiences. When a girl engages in sex while in a slightly tipsy and bold state, the sensations are often twice as intense as usual. The liberating effect of alcohol makes it easier to express desires that might be too embarrassing in a sober state. Women often enjoy post-drinking sex because it creates a more comfortable and uninhibited atmosphere.

Be 10 times more bold than usual! Sex drunk and drunk

In a state of drunkenness, inhibitions often fade, and individuals may express desires more openly. There's a sense of liberation that comes with being a bit tipsy, allowing a person's true, uninhibited nature to emerge. Some believe that the person you are when you're drunk reflects your authentic self. In this state, desires might be expressed more boldly, even if they feel a bit naughty or immoral in hindsight.

12. Sex while wearing full body tights

The awareness of body shape can play a significant role in one's self-perception. Many women are conscious of their physical appearance, and the visibility of full-body tights, especially in tight clothing, can intensify feelings of shyness and self-awareness. Interestingly, the embarrassment itself can be a source of excitement, creating a unique and thrilling loop of emotions. The intricate connection between self-perception, embarrassment, and arousal adds layers to the complex interplay of emotions during intimate moments.

Exposing the pussy and nipples... Full body tights sex with a funny appearance that excites you

Exploring new and adventurous experiences is a common aspect of intimate relationships. In the context of casual relationships or with sex friends, experimenting with unique outfits like full-body tights with strategically placed openings can add an element of excitement. The initial embarrassment transforms into arousal, creating a thrilling and daring encounter. Embracing such playful and unconventional ideas can contribute to the shared enjoyment of intimate moments. Feel free to explore and see what brings satisfaction and enjoyment to both partners in a consensual and open-minded manner.

13. Body paint play

Body paint play can indeed introduce an element of novelty and excitement into intimate experiences. The act of using body paint to create unique designs or themes adds a layer of creativity and playfulness to sexual encounters. It's an opportunity for both partners to express themselves and explore fantasies in a consensual and enjoyable manner. Just like any other intimate activity, the key is open communication and mutual consent to ensure a positive and satisfying experience. Whether inspired by specific genres of porn or simply as a way to relieve stress, body paint play can be a fun and adventurous addition to the repertoire of intimate activities.

Experience an extraordinary experience with body painting! Excited by porn-like situation

Experimenting with washable body paint during intimate moments can indeed add a playful and artistic dimension to sexual encounters. The act of covering your body in paint and engaging in sexual activities creates a unique and visually stimulating experience. The gradual blending of colors with love juices and sweat adds an element of messiness, contributing to the overall excitement and novelty of the encounter.

It's essential to ensure that the body paint used is safe for intimate use and easily washable to avoid any adverse reactions. Additionally, clear communication between partners is crucial to establish comfort levels and boundaries, ensuring that both individuals fully enjoy the experience. This kind of creative and exploratory play can strengthen intimacy and bring a sense of adventure to the relationship.

14. Internet exposure play

Engaging in webcam activities and sharing intimate moments with a complete stranger can indeed evoke a sense of thrill and excitement, particularly for individuals who enjoy exploring kinks. The idea of exposing oneself to someone unknown, Using webcam, both in terms of identity and location, adds an element of boldness and the feeling of doing something unconventional.

The anonymity provided by a webcam encounter allows individuals to step out of their usual boundaries and experience a level of liberation. The shared act of revealing intimate details and engaging in sexual activities with someone virtually creates a unique and thrilling dynamic.

It's crucial for individuals involved in such activities to prioritize their safety and well-being. Clear communication, consent, and the establishment of boundaries are essential aspects of ensuring a positive and consensual experience for all parties involved.

While being watched by college students... having sex as if showing off through online exposure

Consider broadcasting your intimate moments with a sex friend on webcam. Initially hesitant, I found it surprisingly exhilarating. With a predominantly male audience, it offers an opportunity to showcase unconventional acts and witness diverse reactions, making it a unique and enjoyable experience beyond regular sex.

15. Car sex

If you crave an exhilarating twist in your intimate moments, delve into the world of car sex. The confined space, coupled with the possibility of being seen by passersby, injects an added dose of excitement. Choosing unconventional locations like a parking lot or outdoors amplifies the thrill. Despite the challenges posed by the car's structure, strategic stamina management becomes pivotal for a truly gratifying experience.

Car sex in his parents' car. My apologies make my pussy moist

When visiting him in his hometown with my parents around, the opportunity for intimacy at home was limited. In his mother's car, a space previously reserved for shared meals, we indulged in passionate sex. Despite a twinge of self-pity, the thrill of breaking the routine and engaging in an act deemed morally ambiguous was irresistible. While car sex itself carries a sense of guilt, doing it in "his mom's car" added an extra layer of forbidden excitement. An unexpected escapade that might just become a habit.

16. Shopping play while inserting a vibrator

Engaging in supermarket shopping with a discreetly inserted vibrator or taking a stroll in the park late at night can be surprisingly thrilling! The pleasure is so intense that my body involuntarily contorts, and I find myself walking in an awkward manner to prevent any mishaps, attracting curious gazes from passersby and store staff. The mix of wanting to remain undiscovered but secretly desiring to be noticed creates a complex and heart-pounding experience. Despite the thought, "I've surely been found out now; this might be risky," there's an intriguing inclination that perhaps deep down, the desire for a daring encounter is present.

The vibrating sound resounds in the convenience store! Exposure play that doesn't stop the cold sweat and love juice

I ventured into a convenience store with a vibrator that tap my G-spot, that emits a distinctive sound, and my partner, posing as someone else, drew conspicuous attention from the store clerk. Anxiety gripped me at the thought of potential repercussions, but to my surprise, a glance downward revealed my love juices cascading all the way to my calves (lol). The visible evidence heightened the thrill. The contemplation of potential exposure and the confined space of the convenience store intensified the excitement of this daring escapade.

17. Molester play on a real metro

Engaging in molester play on the metro is a tantalizing fantasy that can evoke intense arousal. Imagining the proximity between your face and an older man's, the suppressed desire to sigh heightens the excitement. Planning the encounter in a crowded train adds an element of challenge, creating anticipation and preoccupying your thoughts with the upcoming illicit rendezvous before even stepping onto the metro.

Molester play on the train while surrounded by businessmen!

Navigating the crowded New York metro during rush hour provided the perfect setting for an exhilarating encounter with a sex friend. The anticipation and excitement grew, manifesting in the arousal that dampened your panties. The subtle acknowledgment from an office worker observing the scene heightened the thrill, intensifying the desire for more. The escalating intensity led to a spontaneous decision, culminating in a visit to a love hotel to fulfill the burgeoning desires.

18. Immoral sex with cuckold play

The intensity of cuckold play lies in the profound guilt it evokes, escalating the excitement, particularly when he relishes it. The intricate blend of "cheating in front of him" and the "shame of being ravished by another" induces a mesmerizing state of blank submission. While not everyone shares the same preferences, the unique thrill of being taken in his presence adds a dimension unattainable in conventional intimacy.

Cuckold play raped by a solo guy scouted on Twitter

I encountered an individual resembling both a boyfriend and a sex friend, sparking my exploration into cuckold play. This person sought a cuckold partner on Twitter, engaging in self-pleasure while observing me with another man. Expressing frustration over his girlfriend being ravished, he found exhilaration in her pleasure. While shame and guilt arouse us, men appear stimulated by regret. For those intrigued by cuckold play, consider exploring opportunities with couples seeking partners on Twitter.

19. Exposure play to delivery company

I've experimented with ordering delivery pizza to a love hotel while wearing a bathrobe and having a discreet bullet vibrator. The audible vibrations create a curious atmosphere with the delivery person, who seems to wonder about the source of the noise. Feeling my partner's amused gaze intensifies the experience. The thrill of suppressing my desires and accepting the delivery is surprisingly addictive.

Exposure to a delivery worker in his 30s at home...Ascension while receiving soba noodles

My sex friend and I entertained the idea of exposing ourselves at my house, hoping for a spontaneous encounter. As we engaged in passionate sex while awaiting the pizza delivery, the intercom rang. In a hurry, I donned a jumpsuit and headed to the front door. The intense vibrations from our earlier activities had me on the verge of climax. Opening the door in just a bathrobe, I experienced an orgasm in front of the delivery man. Though nothing further occurred, the desire for that exhilarating thrill lingers.

20. Anal sex

Anal sex is a prime example of unconventional play. While vaginal pleasure emanates from the lower abdomen, the sensations from anal play are likened to a prolonged and satisfying feeling of ejaculation. Unlike the emotional fulfillment experienced with vaginal pleasure, anal play provides a mix of physical pleasure and a sense of immorality. The sensations felt in the buttocks contribute to the unique and provocative nature of this play.

2 holes torture with vibrator and penis. Pleasure rushes without any break time

I've always been intrigued by anal play, often incorporating my finger during solo sessions. While pleasurable from the start, the experience reached new heights when combining a vibrator w in my anus with penetration in my vagina – a wild sensation indeed (lol). The continuous pleasure without a break is quite exhilarating.

Preferences on anal play seem to fall into two distinct groups: those finding it pleasurable and those associating it with discomfort, considering the foreign sensation. For those not naturally inclined towards such interests, it might be a gradual process. Starting with finger insertion is a gentle introduction before exploring further.

Women are flooded with perverted play! Let's try naked court play first.

The essence of perverted play lies in the thrill of "shame" and the sense of "immorality." While not everyone may openly embrace such desires, many girls harbor subconscious interests in these ventures. Among the selected perverted plays, let's delve into the top 5 recommendations:

  • Instant sex in a naked coat: A spontaneous and exhilarating encounter, providing an immediate rush of passion.
  • Masturbating with voyeur play: Indulge in self-pleasure while relishing the forbidden allure of being watched.
  • Shameful play with a full-length mirror: Explore your desires while visually confronting the erotic spectacle in a full-length mirror.
  • Internet exposure play: Experience the thrill of being watched by strangers online, embracing the exhilaration of the forbidden.
  • Anal sex: Venture into the world of anal play, where physical pleasure intertwines with a sense of profound emotion.

Embark on these experiences, starting with the widely enjoyed "naked coat play," and discover the depths of this captivating realm. 

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