The Automatic Masturbator and its Functions

There is more than one way to find sexual pleasure nowadays. Especially given the fact that there are so many sex toys out there.

And it doesn’t even matter what your gender is, or your specific fetish, there’s definitely something out there for you to use.

Take for example the simple masturbator, or the masturbation cup. The basic structure remains relatively the same, but there are models that have varying features.

The most recent of these features makes using them practically hands-free.

With an automatic masturbator, no longer will you have to worry about pumping your member by hand. Otherwise, why not just go the old-fashioned way, right?

Of course, amazing as they already are, automatic masturbators can still come in a variety of other features that can enhance the experience further.

We’re going to look into these features now and see which ones might be the best for you.

Various Features of the Automatic Masturbator

When you look at the basic masturbation cup, you probably wouldn’t think that there’s any other way to improve it.

You have an outer case that acts as both protection and to keep your toy discreet, and an inner structure made from softer materials that you insert your penis into.

But you would be surprised at how technology has improved for sex toys. Here are some of the features you can expect from different models of masturbators.

  1. Suction– As the name suggests, this type of masturbation cup produces a sucking motion when you use it. It is fairly basic with how it does this.

Masturbation cups that produce suction will have a hole on one end. Simply putting your finger over that hole produces a vacuum as you pull your penis out of the cup. The vacuum simulates the feeling of your penis being sucked.

Taking your finger off the hole removes the vacuum pressure, allowing you to insert your penis easily again. Some models would do this motion automatically for you.

Why an auto masturbator can suck so strongly?

  1. Vibration– This feature uses a small motor inside it to produce vibrations that then travel throughout your masturbator.

Just like a masturbator on other sex toys, the vibrations add an extra layer of sensation during use.

Although unlike other sex toys, the vibrations will not be as focused, and would be targeted to your entire penis.

Of course, this means your small motor will need to be powered, and that’s where charging cables or batteries come into play.

Most vibrating masturbators will come in a variety of vibration features, rhythms, speeds, and intensity. This will let you customize your experience further.

  1. Telescopic– The telescopic feature, also known as an automatic thruster, offers a hands-free option for your masturbator.

Its name comes from the telescopic nature of camera lenses, where they expand and retract as you make it focus.

Automatic masturbators will have a structure that goes out and retracts, just like a camera lens. This effectively does the stroking for you.

This practically means you can enjoy a hands-free masturbation session, with your hand’s only job being to hold your cup in place.

  1. Rotation– Masturbators with this feature work pretty much the same way as the telescopic masturbators.

The only difference is that instead of the toy expanding and retracting, it instead rotates, offering a different kind of experience.

  1. HeatingElement – Another feature you might find on other non-basic masturbators are heating elements.

These masturbation cups, as the name suggests, produces heat when turned on, which can simulate the same warmth as body heat.

Of course, some masturbation cups can be immersed in warm water and retain the heat, emulating body heat that way. Unfortunately, that kind of heat dissipates rather quickly.

This won’t be a problem with a heated masturbator. It will continue to produce heat until you actually turn it off.

  1. Water resistance/waterproof – Most masturbators on the market, ones that don’t have any electrical features, are waterproof.

They are made from materials such as medical grade silicone and hard plastics, which don’t react negatively to getting wet.

In some models, the sleeve, which is made entirely of silicone, can be removed, if the rest of the masturbator is not waterproof.

This makes them very easy to clean, or you can also use them in the bathroom and wouldn’t have to worry about shocking yourself or breaking it.

Top Masturbation Cups with Combines Features

  1. Suction + Vibration:

This masturbator is perfect if you like the sensation of being sucked alongside strong vibrations.

It perfectly combines two functions, suction and vibration, effectively making it a 3-in-1 sex toy for men.

The electric motor that produces the vibrations is built into one end of the cup. You can increase the suction power by opening and closing the other end of the cup.

You will only need to remove the inner sleeve when cleaning.

The material is body-friendly with strong suction, and it comes with 10 different vibration settings.

  1. Telescopic + Vibration:

If you are looking for something more hands-free, then this automatic masturbator cup is for you. It has a telescopic feature that expands and contracts the sleeve, on top of 7 vibration settings on offer.

It is completely waterproof, so if you feel like squeezing one out in the bath, then you can safely do so.

Much like the previous model, the inner sleeve is removable, allowing for easy clean up.

  1. Telescopic + Rotation:

If you want the most out of your hands-free experience, then this toy is definitely for you.

It adds an automatic thrusting motion and combines it with a rotating one to increase the kind of stimulation you’ll get.

What makes this masturbator unique is its design. It is circular, which already makes it different from the usual cylindrical shape of normal masturbators.

The size and shape help make it look less conspicuous, so people wouldn’t even know what it is meant for at first glance. It could actually pass off as a Bluetooth speaker.

Since the sleeve itself can extend and contract, your penis size wouldn’t be an issue, either. It can stimulate you in entirety.

  1. Vibration + Waterproof:

For a masturbator that you can use in the bath, or at the pool without sacrificing vibration features, you can pick this one.

Don’t let the size fool you. It has a powerful motor that will let you pick and choose between 12 different vibration settings.

On top of that, it has an open-ended design. If you want to stimulate just your tip, you put the lid on.

If you want to stimulate your shaft more, then you can take the lid off and let your penis pass through it completely.

Paired with its small size and ambiguous design, it’s a great, travel-friendly masturbator that is easy to hide.

How to Maintain your Masturbation Cup

Proper maintenance of your masturbator is very important, especially for higher-end toys that have multiple features.

Keeping your toy in good condition not only helps prevent injuries, but also helps make it last longer.

  1. Do not turn it on while charging

Keep your toy turned off when it is charging.

Most masturbators that need charging has a safety feature that turns your toy off automatically while it charges. This is to ensure that your battery isn’t damaged in case of electrical problems.

If you want to turn your toy on, make sure you unplug it first. Do not try to turn it on while it charges.

  1. Some toys are “water resistant”, not “waterproof”

Having a waterproof sex toy can be very convenient, especially for cleaning, but also if you want to do naughty stuff in the bath.

Of course, in order to make the most out of your toy, you’ll need to understand its ability to resist water.

Some toys are waterproof, which means they won’t be ruined no matter how long they stay in the water.

Others might just be water resistant, which means they can resist water only at a set amount of time or depth.

When you get your masturbator, make sure you read the labels carefully.

  1. Use the rightlubricants

Lubricant is essential if you want to use a masturbation cup. They don’t produce their own natural lube like a real vagina, after all.

But aside from using the ample amounts of lube, you also need to use the right ones.

The best kind of lube are silicone-based. They last longer, and they offer the least amount of friction.

The only downside is that they react badly to silicone toys.

If you want to use a silicone toy, use water-based lube or oil-based lube instead. This will ensure no damage will be done to your masturbator.

  1. Clean up properly

Although it’s tempting to just toss your masturbator to a corner once you’re done using it, you should always clean it after use.

Masturbators are basically repositories for bodily fluids. Leaving any behind would make them a breeding ground for bacteria.

Reusing a toy without cleaning them in between uses can lead to a number of illnesses, including yeast infection and skin infections. Not to mention that they will start smelling bad.

If you decide to share your toys and use them without your partner cleaning up after can also put you at risk for sexually transmitted infections.

If cleaning up your toy after use is not possible for whatever reason, then use a condom when using your toy.

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