Is It Safe To Sleep With A Butt Plug?

sleeping with butt plug

We all know how pleasurable anal orgasms can get. In fact, it’s so pleasurable, that there’s an actual market for adult toys made specifically for playing with your ass. One of the most well-known is the butt plug.

Generally, most people would only use or wear butt plugs when they need to relieve themselves sexually. But what happens if you decide to wear them overnight?

Is wearing a butt plug overnight safe? Does it have any benefits?


Not Everyone Can Sleep with A Butt Plug 

Sleeping with a butt plug on, or leaving it on for long periods of time, for that matter, is not for everyone.

You need to have at least some experiences using butt plugs in the past. Wearing a butt plug overnight should NOT be your starting point.

You will need to train your ass long before you even consider doing this, and even then, it’s not always something you’ll like. In fact, you only need to wear your butt plug fewer than 30 minutes to actually enjoy it.

But once you do get used to stimulating yourself anally, we do recommend you try sleeping with your butt plug in at least once. Wearing your butt plug in bed has plenty of benefits, which we’ll get into next.

sleeping with butt plug

Benefits of Sleeping with a Butt Plug 

Why so many people ask this question about the safety of wearing a butt plug all night. There must be some amazing feeling when wearing a butt plug when sleeping. What are they?

how to sleep with butt plugs

  • Train Your Ass for Anal Sex 

Regardless of what others might tell you, experience with wearing a butt plug a couple of times does not necessarily ready you for anal sex. At least, if you don’t wear it for too long.

Anal sex involves movement, and butt plugs, not so much. They are a supplementary tool, something you wear during sex or masturbation that will pleasure you without any extra effort on your part.

But wearing a butt plug for long periods of time does help train you for anal sex in a passive way. Best part is if you do this at night, you wouldn’t need to worry about your plug getting in the way.

  • Helps Ease into an Anal Rhythm

Now, even if you are ready to do the actual act, you might still have a hard time getting into anal sex when you need to.

The only way you can shorten your body’s windup before anal sex is if you use your anal plug consistently. But this can be difficult to do if you wear your plug exclusively during the day.

You might not always get the chance to wear it.

Wearing your butt plug in your sleep, however, can help you ease into a routine without any active effort on your part. With enough time, preparation for anal sex should get shorter and shorter.

  • Relaxes Your Body

Although it is mostly anecdotal and not everyone experiences it, wearing your butt plug during sleep can help you relax your entire body as you rest. This means you can get the most out of your sleep.

This could be something related to butt plugs helping your anus relax, which in turn, produces a reflex where your entire body ends up less tense.

For some people, however, the effect is so strong that they actually will get the urge to visit the toilet when they wake up.

It might be a bit counterintuitive since butt plugs are designed to stimulate your anus. But it is worth trying out if you get the chance.


How to Sleep with a Butt Plug

Now that you’ve (hopefully) been convinced of the benefits of using a butt plug as you sleep, maybe you’re ready to try it out.

Well, not so fast. Using a butt plug for too long can cause harm if it’s not done correctly. Of course, once you know what to do, you should be fine.

Here is a short guide to using a butt plug when you sleep.

1. Pick the Right One

The first step you need to get into starts way before you’re actually in bed. It starts when you’re still choosing a butt plug, in fact.

The butt plug you would want to use for overnight wear should be different from the one you would use for regular anal stimulation. So, it’s better to get a spare one when you buy a butt plug.

The thing you need to watch out for will be comfort, and you need to take this into account when looking at a butt plug’s size, material, and design.

  • Size

For the size, you want one that is smaller, or at least smaller than what you usually wear. You wouldn’t want to sleep with a butt plug inside you that reaches too far in or one that stretches your ass too much.

You also wouldn’t want a plug that is too small, since it might just pop off in the night on its own, or worse, you might lose it.

Choose a butt plug that can still be stimulating to wear and gives you minimal stretch, but still big enough to keep in.

  • Material

Even if you’re used to more rigid materials, like glass, metal, or wood, we still recommend that you get a softer butt plug if you plan to wear it in bed. Materials like silicone is perfect for this.

You would want a material flexible and elastic enough that you can “squeeze”. Your anus sphincter is a muscle, and if it can’t move freely against a hard material in your sleep, you might injure it.

  • Design

Aside from the size, another physical aspect of your butt dildo you need to consider is the design, or the shape. Most butt plug have a tapered tip, a wider body, and a flared base.

The tip is tapered to make insertion easier, whilst the wider body is designed to improve the anal stimulation. Lastly, the base is flared to make sure your toy doesn’t go deeper than in needs to be.

So long as you put these things into consideration and your butt plug has these basic elements, you can pretty much choose whatever design you want.

Just make sure you play it safe and not get anything too crazy.


2. Lube it Up

When it comes to anal play, whether you’re using toys, or going for anal sex, lubrication is a definite must. Not only does lube eliminate friction when there’s movement, it also eliminates the chance of tearing your anus. Unless you decide to use an insanely large toy, of course.

Now, lube not only helps with inserting your toy, but it also makes it easy to keep it in, since it minimizes the friction you’re going to feel.

It’s also important to not just use lube generously, but as often as you can.

We do recommend using silicone-based lube, since it lasts the longest. Just make sure not to use it on a silicone toy, since it can get damaged.

Of course, any type of lube will work, including water-based lube and oil-based lube.


3. Wear Proper Clothes

When wearing your butt plug in bed, sleeping nude is not always recommended. Sure, you wouldn’t feel restricted in your movement, but that also means your butt plug won’t be secure.

You should choose underwear that can help secure your butt plug, but not too constricting, either. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable in your clothes while having a butt plug inside you.

Of course, if you need to be stealthy about your butt plug while you sleep, you also need to put that into consideration.

For that effect, wear the same secure underwear, but wear baggy or loose clothing over it, rather than form fitting ones.


4. Take a Break if Necessary

If it’s your first try sleeping with a butt plug on, then don’t be discouraged if you can’t seem to keep in on for too long. Your body still needs to adjust, after all.

If you feel the need to take your butt plug out, then do it. You might want to do this if you need to go to the bathroom or apply more lube to your butt plug.

You’ll also want to check if your butt is still okay. Check for any blood, tearing, or inflammation.


5. Give Your Butt Some Aftercare

After you wake up, or once you’re done with a long session wearing your butt plug, then you should treat your butt well for doing a great job.

The muscles in your sphincter would be very tired, and sore. So, go get a long, warm bath to help relax.

Proper aftercare is very important to make sure your butt isn’t overworked and stays healthy.


Keep Healthy and Check in With Your Doctor

When it comes to using butt plugs, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Check with your physician regularly, even if you’re feeling fine. Make it a part of your twice a year checkup.

Of course, when things do go wrong, you should DEFINITELY visit your physician.

Here are some red flags on your butt you’ll need to watch out for:

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Blood
  • Swelling
  • Discharge
  • Pain in your abdomen
  • Difficulty taking the butt plug out

Like we’ve mentioned before, sleeping with your butt plug isn’t always recommended, but if you keep safe, apply a lot of lubes and watch out for any problems with your body, then you should be fine.



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