How To Use Suction Cup Dildos - Beginner's Guide

The best kinds of sex toys are the versatile ones. If your toy can give you more than what it's designed to do, then it's a good one.

All that's limiting you would be your imagination, rather than a missing feature.

One such toy is the suction cup dildo. If you've heard about them or actually own one, then you'd probably agree with our sentiment.

If you haven't, then this guide is for you.


What are Suction Cup Dildos?

If you're at all familiar with sex toys, then you should have some idea of what dildos are. Dildos are a type of adult toy that is phallic in appearance, or is other words, they're shaped like a penis.

Dildos are designed to sexually penetrate the vagina, the mouth, or the anus, usually during masturbation, but they can be used during sex as well.

Although dildos are designed to emulate the shape of the penis, they don't necessarily have to look like one, at least in a realistic sense.

They can be minimalist bullet-types, or they can look and feel as realistic as possible, even down to the testicles. Some can even simulate ejaculation!

Suction cup dildos are simply another variant of dildo. What makes them different from a regular dildo? Well, as the name suggests, they have a suction cup at the base.

This suction cup will let you attach your dildo on any smooth or hard surface. That means you get a solid, unmovable base, provided you stick it properly.

What are the implications of this? Well, let's talk about that next.


What are the Benefits of Suction Dildos?

You'd be surprised how something as simple as suction cups can benefit your sex toy's functionality. Here are some of them.

Hands-free Pleasure

The main draw for suction cup dildos is the ability to use your sex toy hands-free.

If you were using a regular dildo, you'll need to hold on to it as you use it. You'll be using your hands a lot, which can be a hassle.

Not only does this lock out one of your hands, which you could have used elsewhere to pleasure yourself, it can be a bit strenuous on the wrists, too. You might even end up cutting your session short because of this, which can be a right bummer.

Sticking your suction cup dildo somewhere is pretty much like having someone hold your dildo for you. Your hands would be free to play with something else, and there's less strain on them, too.

Immersive Solo Experience

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a dildo is that there's no two ways about what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

Unless you're with a partner while you use it, which not all of us are, then using a dildo means you're doing it solo.

If you can securely fasten your toy somewhere else, and not hold it, you can fantasize yourself being pleasured by someone else. Even better if you have a realistic dildo, then it’s easier to think it’s a real cock sliding into you.

Different Positions Available

So long as it's a smooth, hard surface, you can pretty much attach your dildo anywhere, and in whatever configuration you like.

Stick it to a wall, and it's horizontal, so you can back up to it like you would doggy-style, or stick it to the floor, and it’s vertical, so you can lower yourself to it, cowgirl position.

Heck, if you can find yourself enough space and a smooth surface, you can have your dildo point downwards so you can do it missionary.

Use Them with a Strap-on

Another benefit to using dildos with a suction cup base is that the suction cup itself is pretty wide.

This makes suction cup dildos compatible with a lot of strap-on harnesses.

So, if you're in the mood for some girl on girl, or if your partner wants to try pegging, you can just take this toy out of your drawer, and you're all good.

Use it in the Bath

We all know how great sex is while you're in the shower. Being drenched in water while you're deep in pleasure is a totally unique experience.

Luckily, you can also experience this with your dildo. Partners are optional, but very recommended.

Because suction cup dildos are waterproof, you can safely do it while you’re in the shower. Even better, wet tile, or even the shower wall are excellent places to attach your dildo securely.

Live Out Your Threesome Fantasies

Speaking of partners, suction cupped dildos are a nice way to live out your threesome fantasies. This is all without the mess that is finding a third person willing to join you and your partner in bed!

Stick your toy on your bed's headboard, or just any wall for that matter. You can play with your dildo with your mouth (all hands-free!) while your partner takes you in the pussy or ass, whichever you like.

You can even do the reverse. Use your toy while you give your partner a blowjob, or they give you a good licking. Like we've mentioned before, the only thing limiting you is your imagination.


Step by Step Guide to Hands-Free Masturbation

  • Read the Instruction Manual

As we've mentioned before, the suction cup dildo can come in a basic type, with very little features, or it can have multiple neat functions for you to play around with.

In order to make the most out of your new sex toy, you'll need to understand what features they have to offer. The best way to go about this is by reading the manual.

A lot of people who have issues with their toys could have saved a lot of time and effort just by looking it up.

Whether you're new to suction cup dildos in general, or a veteran at it, your or your partner can benefit a lot just by spending a few minutes reading the manual.

  • Set the Mood and Place

You can use the suction cup dildo in any number of ways. You can use it like a traditional dildo and just use your hands like normal, or you can use it as it was intended. That is, sticking it to any smooth surface and going hands-free.

That said, finding a good place with a smooth surface but also has the privacy and overall ambiance you need can be challenging.

We recommend you find a relaxing and familiar place, like your bedroom or bathroom. Good places where you can stick your suction cup dildo on include the tiled walls, the floor, your bed's headboard, the window, and even furniture.

Another important part of this step is setting up the atmosphere. This helps you get into the mood better.

Each person has a different way of doing this. You can dim the lights, play some music, watch some porn, whatever you need to do.

Setting the right mood can help improve the experience by double what the toy can offer just by itself.

  • Before Inserting your Dildo

Proper hygiene is very important when using a dildo. You're inserting a foreign item into your body, after all. So, make sure your toy has been cleaned properly since you've last used it.

You can wipe your dildo's surface with disinfectants, like alcohol wipes or sex toy cleaners. If your toy is waterproof, then you can also clean it in soapy water. Just make sure it's properly dried after.

Another important thing you will need to do before using your toy is applying ample amounts of lubrication. Lube helps lessen the friction your toy produces when you use it, which also lessens the discomfort you might feel.

If you want to put a condom on your toy, make sure you do this BEFORE you put lube on it.

Also, make sure you are using the correct lubricant. Silicone toys respond poorly to silicone-based lubrication, so switch to water or oil-based lubricants instead.

  • Stick your Suction Cup Dildo

The next thing you'll want to do next is to secure your dildo on a smooth surface using its suction cup. You can stick it to the wall, the floor, or even mirrors, as long as the surface itself is smooth.

If your toy isn't sticking to your chosen surface, apply some lube or water to the suction cup base.

Make sure you adjust the height properly, so you can insert your toy comfortably in various positions.

  • Take it Slow

When you start out, try to keep things slow. It can be a challenge, since you will be quite excited to go at it. But going at it too quickly at first might just cause you discomfort later on.

Use long and slow thrusts, pace yourself, and feel out what feels good. Explore the rest of your body and stimulate your favored erogenous zones.

Once you're closer to orgasm, then you can speed up. Just make sure you savor the experience.

  • Aftercare

Once you're done, make sure you clean up after yourself. If you were playing with your partner, make sure you give them a nice cuddle.

Another good habit you need to focus on that a lot of people seem to forget about is cleaning up. Clean your toys as soon as you can, so you wouldn't forget about it.

Cleaning up right after use also means you wouldn't have to clean it right before you use it next time, which can kill the mood.

  • Proper Storage

Make sure you store your dildo in the proper place. Not only does this make sure that your toy wouldn't be seen by just anybody, storing them properly can also help improve your toy's longevity.

Here are some suction cup dildos for you to choose:


- YJ Zeng

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