How To Hide Sex Toys Effectively?

Why do People Keep Their Sex Toys Hidden?

Even though we live in a relatively advanced society with a more liberal mindset, subjects that involve sex, or sex toys in particular, can still make people blush.

Whether it's an adult toy shop that only opens after midnight, or a place that specifically caters to people who want to stay anonymous for sexual meetups, sex is still pretty much a taboo topic to this day, no matter how liberal you think any society is.

Despite sex being so taboo, however, you might be surprised to learn that the adult product market has actually grown in the past couple of years.

In fact, it has grown by as much as 70% since the pandemic has begun in 2019. Whether you attribute this to the boredom from lockdown protocols, you can't argue the fact that despite the taboo, there is a growing market of people wanting sex toys.

Sex toys are in a state of constant contradiction, where in one hand, it has become more popular, but on the other, the taboo on them has not lifted. Why?

Perhaps most people just want to keep what they do in bed a private thing. Of course, given that most of the people buying sex toys nowadays do it online, a lot of online sex stores do have to update their process to catch up with the demand.

Other data has shown that people between 18 to 34 years old are the majority of people buying sex toys online. This also coincides with data that people in this age group tend to live with other people, as well.

Whether it's people living with their parents, university students living in a dorm with a roommate, or a young married couple living with children, there are plenty of ways your toys can be discovered and would end in quite an awkward conversation afterwards.


Where do Most People Hide Their Sex Toys?

Researchers in France have published a journal looking into the most common hiding places for sex toys amongst people who used them.

They did this by creating a survey with various questions regarding sex toy use.

They have found that at least 31% of the respondents keep their toys inside a bedside drawer or nightstand, which makes it very easy to reach from the bed, but also very easy to spot.

Another 25% of the respondents would keep their adult toys inside the closet, which the researchers have noted to be a better, more secure hiding place, but less convenient.

6% of the respondents said they keep their toys in the bathroom, 5% claimed they keep theirs under the pillow, and 4% keep them inside bookshelves, behind books.

Funnily enough, another 1% claim they keep their toys under the couch or the kitchen.

The remaining 28% of the respondents claim to not remember where they keep their toys hidden.

Of course, given that this is a simple survey, the researchers have said that the data might not be completely accurate, but does paint a general picture of people's habits on how they keep their toys.


How You Can Keep Your Toy Hidden

If the survey done by the French has taught us anything, then it is a fact that any place can be a viable place to hide your sex toys. What could work for you might not work for another, and vice versa.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can try when you are trying to keep your sex toy hidden:

  • Don't be afraid to use some tape. You can tape your toy against any surface that people wouldn't even dream about looking into. You can tape your toy behind your bed's headrest or its underside. You can even tape it at the back of your closet or under the sink. Be creative.


  • Inside other toys. Find yourself a stuffed animal, hollow it out, or put a zipper on it, and you have yourself a nice place to keep your toy in.


  • Use your house's decor to your advantage. Keep it hidden in plain sight, simply by hiding it behind clutter. Honestly, people aren't in the habit of rummaging through junk, not unless they know what they're looking for. You can use that to your advantage.


  • Buy A safe & lock box to hide your sex toys. Your toys will be as safe as your money inside. These kinds of boxes are always with fingerprint locks, no one will open them unless yourself. This is the most secure way to hide your sex toy.


Discreet Sex Toy Recommendations

Of course, if your toy can simply exist in plain sight without arousing suspicion, then you wouldn't need to hide it at all. You can just pass it off as part of the décor.

Sometimes, trying hard to hide an item invites curiosity, so the best way to hide something is to hide it in plain sight, and there are plenty of products like that in the market. Here are a few of our recommendations

A clit stimulator that looks just like a Christmas décor, specifically a snowman. With this hidden toy, the holidays will definitely come early every year.

Is there a way to use your muscle pain to your advantage? Well, there's definitely a toy for that. This toy looks just like a muscle massager. The kicker? It works like one, too!

Women aren't the only ones who need a toy that's easy to hide. This masturbator can definitely pass off as a simple Bluetooth speaker. Just make sure nobody connects to it.

Another inconspicuous sex toy for men, this one can pass off as a simple thermos cup. Just make sure you or your friends aren't feeling particularly thirsty around it.

Of course, there are still plenty of toys out there for you to check out and try, ones that are far more innovative in their ability to hide in plain sight.

In a perfect world, topics about sex wouldn't need to be discussed in hushed tones, or sex toys can safely be displayed out in the open without anybody judging you. Until that day comes, discreet sex toys are definitely here to stay, and there will be a lot of them.

- Liu Yan

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