Egg Vibrators and How You Use Them

Sex toys are so common nowadays that they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their own specialties and uses. 

One such unique sex toy is the egg vibrator. They’re a perfect combination of size, power, discretion, and versatility. 

Whether you’re new to sex toys or have been using them regularly, an egg vibrator will be a great addition to your collection. 

Egg vibrators are a fairly simple toy to get the hang of, so let’s take a deeper look into them and see if they’re the best kind of toy for you. 

What are Egg Vibrators?

Judging by the name, you probably would’ve already guessed that egg vibrators are vibrators that are shaped like eggs. But given that they can come in so many different types, their actual shape can vary quite a lot.

Egg vibrators, also known as love eggs or bullet vibrators, are used primarily as a masturbation aid. They are usually aimed towards clitoral stimulation, although you can use them on any part of your body, including the vagina, the anus, and other erogenous zones.

The typical egg vibrator is usually wider at the base, making them easier to hold. It is then tapered at the other end, making it perfect for targeted stimulation.

Egg vibrators are also on the smaller side, no longer than 3 inches, making them a great toy for those looking for discretion, or sex toys that are travel friendly.

What to Look for When Choosing an Egg Vibrator

Because there are so many types of egg vibrators out there, choosing the best one for you can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start.


The first thing you’ll need to consider is the material. Most love eggs in the market are made from plastic, rubber, metal, glass, or silicone.

Each of these materials will have their own advantages and disadvantages, but basically, you’ll want to choose an egg vibrator that is made from non-toxic materials. You’d also want a toy that is durable.

Also, different materials will have varying softness and flexibility. Harder materials will produce stronger sensations, while softer materials will feel a bit more muted.

Control Type

Another thing you’ll need to consider is how the egg will be controlled. There are 3 different types of controllers: wireless, wired, and also vibrators that don’t use controllers at all.

Some egg vibrators that don’t have controllers will have the controls on the toy itself.

The benefit of this setup is that you wouldn’t need to worry about losing a controller. The controls are also more responsive. The bad side is that it would be nearly impossible to change the settings for your toy while you are using it, at least without stopping.

Both the wireless and the wired remote controls all make use of a controller to change your toy’s settings. This makes them easier to control, especially during use.

Wired vibrating eggs will have a connecting line between the controller and the toy, whilst wireless vibrating eggs won’t have this line.

Egg Vibrator Techniques

There are many ways you can enjoy your egg vibes, all depending on the type you have, or your preferences. Here are a few ways you can use them.

A Simple Touch

The most basic and beginner-friendly way you can use your egg vibrator is by simply pressing it against your desired spot.

To do this properly, you’ll have to know which part of the egg you press against yourself. The smaller the surface area, the stronger the vibrations will get.

So, if your egg vibrator has a tapered end, you can use that part for a more intense sensation.

A good tip to remember is to not leave the toy on any specific spot for too long. You might get used to the sensation and might even feel numb to it after a while.

Press your vibe lightly on yourself, pull back, then put it on again. Play around with the rhythm a bit.

You don’t have to limit yourself on your genitals, either. Try it out on your erogenous zones, like your neck, your nipples, or your inner thighs. Do some exploring and find the best spots for yourself.

Use With Foreplay

Egg vibrators are generally on the smaller size, so they are not as good at giving intense stimulation like bigger toys are.

Of course, their smaller size does make them perfect as a warmup before sex, or during foreplay. They have enough power that you get to feel good without overstimulating yourself.

They make for a perfect way to get aroused and stay aroused before the main course.

Use it in Public

Having sex in public is a fantasy that many would love to live out at least once in their lives. Of course, not everyone is brave enough to actually try it.

However, egg vibrators are a great way to fulfill that fantasy and feel the thrill of pleasuring yourself in public without actually taking any risks.

You can wear an egg vibrator under your clothes, and nobody would ever notice it. This works even better if you have a wireless remote control to use with your toy.


  1. Make sure to wash your egg vibrator once you receive it in the mail. Some toys will have a “factory” smell to them but washing the toy helps deal with that.
  2. Clean your toy after each use. Make sure you are familiar with your toy’s specifications, so you don’t end up damaging it during clean up, or during use.
  3. Use a lot of lubrication. Some people find the vibrations a little uncomfortable. This is because the vibrations can cause friction on your skin. Adding lube to the area and the toy can help reduce this friction, and thus any discomfort you might feel.
  4. Make sure your toy is fully charged before use. If you are using a battery operated toy, make sure that they have enough charge to finish your session.

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