A Public Affair: How to Wear Butt Plugs in Public

Using butt plugs is already quite the pleasurable affair. Your anus and rectum are full of sensitive nerve endings after all, and butt plugs are specifically designed to stimulate them.

Naturally, after using them for a while, your body does get used to the sensation. Eventually, you’d want to do things to spice things up a bit, just to ignite that pleasurable spark you used to have.

How else can you do that with such a simple toy with a simple function? Well, why not use them in public?

Yes, we know, that kind of thrill might not be for everyone. But trust us, there’s really nothing to it, and it’s certainly an experience you’d want to try at least once.

Why Wear a Butt Plug in Public?

When the notion of wearing a sex toy in public comes into mind, the first thing you’d probably think is, “why?”. 

Well, here are a couple of reasons. 

It’s Thrilling

There is definitely something taboo about engaging in sexual activities in public. It’s not a kink for everyone, sure, but most people who have done it would probably agree with how erotic it is. 

Doing these sorts of things outdoors and in public definitely counts as the forbidden fruit being the sweetest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having sex in a hidden corner at the park somewhere or using a sex toy on the bus or subway train with nobody the wiser. 

For a lot of people, it’s something they can get off to, and it might be the same for you. 

Anal Training

Another reason why people would wear a butt plug for prolonged stretches of time in public is for anal training. Your anus is made up of a lot of muscles, and just like any muscle, you can actually train them to achieve certain goals. 

In this case, you’d want your anus to be able to take in bigger objects, whether it’s a penis, a bigger butt plug, or even a dildo. 

Now, for anal training to be at all effective, you’ll need to wear them for hours at a time, and you don’t always get to stay home during that period. So, to save time, a lot of people just wear butt plugs in public while they do their usual business. 

Choosing the Right Butt Plug for the Job

If you’ve gone this far, then you’ve probably decided that wearing a butt plug in public might be something you’d want to try. But you’d probably also be wondering what type of butt plug is best suited for wearing in public. 

Well, wonder no more. 


The most important thing you’d want to consider is comfort. You will be wearing your butt plug for hours at a time, after all, so you’d want a toy that you might actually forget you are wearing. 

Start with the size. Get a butt plug that is a little smaller than what you are used to wearing. 

Like we’ve said before, your anus is basically a muscle, and muscles do get tired, or fatigued. Sure, you can wear a thick, 6-inch diameter monster during sex. But you probably can’t hold that inside of you for 2-3 hours straight. 

Start with smaller butt plugs then slowly move up in size. 


Next, you’d want to look at the material. A softer, more flexible material, like silicone, is a lot more forgiving than wearing something rigid, like metal or glass. 

Harder materials put up too much of a resistance against your sphincter muscles, which can tire your butt out quick. Silicone is also a lot lighter, unlike glass, which can make the whole experience more forgiving. 


Lastly, you’d want to look at the type of butt plug you’d want to wear. You might be surprised, but there are a lot of butt plug designs out there, from training plugs, to spiked plugs, to automatic anal vibrators. 

The key here is to start simple. Don’t use any ribbed, spiked, or inflatable butt plugs if you’re not an expert. 

Choose the narrower butt plugs, or even the smaller plugs in anal training kits. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your butt with too many bells and whistles. 

How to Wear a Butt Plug in Public

Do a Bit of Practice

The first thing you’d want to do before you even try wearing a butt plug in public is to practice at home. Only wear a butt plug in public if you know you are comfortable wearing it at home.

This is to make sure that you wouldn’t find yourself in situations where you wouldn’t be familiar with, since you already know what to expect from your butt plug.

So, get to know your toys at home first, before taking them out to play.


Another thing you’ll need to do before you start wearing your toy is to get warmed up first. Get yourself sufficiently aroused before you wear your butt plug. 

Wearing a sex toy in public brings about a totally different kind of dynamic than what you are used to at home. So, warming yourself up before you take it outside can help put you in the right kind of mindset, and you wouldn’t have to wrestle with those kinds of problems later on. 

Before you insert your butt plug, stimulate yourself a little, watch some porn, do whatever you need to do to get yourself in the mood and sufficiently aroused.

Lube Up

Now that you’re ready to take your toy in, it’s time to lube up. Your anus, great as it feels to get inserted, isn’t designed to take in foreign objects, though it is designed to eject waste. 

Unlike the vagina, your asshole doesn’t produce its own natural lubrication, so forcing any object into it can lead to tearing, and eventually, infection. 

So, use lube, and use a lot of it. Put an ample amount on your asshole and put some on your butt plug as well. 

We recommend you use silicone-based lube, since it lasts longer, and it doesn’t feel like there’s wetness inside your rectum when you use it. 

Of course, silicone-based lubrication doesn’t work well with silicone toys, so the best alternative will be water-based lubricants. The only downside to water-based lube is that they evaporate rather quickly, so you’ll need to reapply it throughout your journey. 

Water-based lube also has this weird “wet” feeling when you’re using it, so that might be uncomfortable to some. We don’t recommend oil-based lube, since it feels greasy inside, though it does last far longer than water-based lube. 

Insert and hold it

Once you’re all lubed-up, you can safely insert your chosen butt plug. Make sure you do this as slowly and as comfortably as possible.

If you ever feel any discomfort while inserting it, take it out immediately and try again after a few minutes. If the discomfort continues, don’t force it and try again another day, or visit your physician if it’s bad enough. 


Once you’re done wearing your toy in public, or are ready to take it out, make sure to clean up after yourself. 

Wash your toy accordingly to prevent the spread of microbes, and make sure to only use clean toys. 

Once your toy is clean, do what you need to do to decompress yourself, maybe ask your partner for a cuddle, watch a movie, masturbate, or even ask for anal sex. Do what you need to do during your debrief period to relax and take stock of the day’s events. 


If it’s your first time wearing butt plugs in public, here are a few things you’ll need to know, or stuff that can help you with your experience. 

  • Bring a bottle of lube with you. A lot of things could happen while you’re wearing your butt plug in public. Your lube might dry up, you might need to poo, or you might want to take a short break. Basically, you may want to remove and reinsert your toy again, or just reapply lube altogether, so it helps to bring a tube of lubrication with you just in case.
  • Don’t wear it all day. It might be tempting but wearing your toy for 24 hours straight is never a good idea. This can cause a lot of discomfort down the line, or even injury. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but you will need to build up to that. Start with wearing your toy for 1-2 hours at a time, then add 30-minute to 1-hour increments to that time slowly.
  • People would be none the wiser. If it’s your first time wearing your butt plug in public, you might feel like everyone’s eyes are on you. Don’t worry. Nobody knows. Just act naturally, and you should be fine.
  • Only use specifically designed plugs. Don’t insert random objects into your butt, and worse, keeping them there for hours. That is a good way to injure yourself.
  • Fighting against that sensation could make the whole experience more difficult than it has to be. So just relax and don’t fight your plug.
  • Have fun. Most important tip of all. Wearing a toy in public is a unique and very erotic experience. Make sure to enjoy it.

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