26 things you can use as masturbation tools at home [for women and men]

Are you seeking to explore beyond the familiar solo experiences? The desire for enhanced pleasure is common, yet some may feel hesitant to purchase adult toys due to embarrassment. Fear not, as I'm here to introduce discreet tools that can elevate your solo adventures within the comfort of your home. In the following sections, I'll provide separate recommendations tailored for both men and women. Take a moment to explore these options and consider trying them out for a new level of satisfaction.

First, the women’s edition! What masturbation tools can be used instead of electric massagers and vibrators?

Navigating the realm of personal pleasure can be a journey filled with hesitations, particularly when it comes to acquiring traditional adult goods. Whether it's the potential judgment in-store or the desire for privacy online, the concerns are valid. In response, let's explore a narrative of 14 discreet substitutes—everyday items that you probably have at home or can effortlessly obtain. Join us as we unfold the tale of these accessible tools crafted for your private moments of enjoyment.

Corner of desk

You can get pleasure from rubbing or pressing your clitoris. What I would like you to try is horn masturbation using a desk. Now let's explain the concrete method. It's very easy to do.

Rub your hips against the hard corner of your desk in a circular motion. Apparently, once some people learn desk masturbation, they get wet just by looking at various corners.


Toothpicks, commonly used after meals, can also add a unique touch to your intimate moments. For those inclined towards masochistic pleasures, using a toothpick to stimulate the nipples and clitoris can be an intriguing experience. While not recommended for beginners, those who enjoy a bit of "pain" may find it enticing.

If the sharp point feels intimidating, consider using a non-pointed toothpick for a gentler stimulation. Visualizing a scene where you're being delicately teased with a needle can enhance the experience, allowing you to explore and excite your senses.


When it comes to unconventional thoughts about self-pleasure, some might ponder the possibilities hidden in the refrigerator's vegetable drawer. Imagine experimenting with various stick-shaped vegetables like eggplants, cucumbers, and carrots. However, the freshness of the vegetables plays a crucial role. If they are too fresh, the texture might be too firm, risking breakage upon insertion.

So, what's the ideal condition for these vegetable adventures? Look for vegetables that have lost their initial freshness and are showing signs of wear. While inserting them directly into your vagina can be unsafe, consider using a condom as a protective barrier. Remember to remove any spines from cucumbers before indulging in this unique exploration.

Before you know it, a subtle tingling sensation might accompany your visits to the vegetable section at the supermarket. Welcome to the realm of unconventional pleasures, where the ordinary transforms into extraordinary experiences.

Stick-shaped handle part

In the realm of unconventional pleasures involving everyday items like cooking utensils and bath goods, it's crucial to exercise caution. When considering inserting these items, opt for those without sharp points to ensure safety. Items with arched or varying thickness in the handle can provide a unique and more easily felt experience during insertion.

Prioritizing safe and hygienic practices, always use a condom before experimenting. Choose items with handles that don't have sharp points, enhancing safety during exploration. Thin condoms may have the tendency to slip off, so it's advisable to thoroughly wash and sterilize them before use.

This journey into unconventional pleasures opens the door to various stick-shaped items found at home. Take this opportunity to discover a world of sensations that extend beyond the ordinary.


In the realm of unique self-exploration, sausages take center stage, often considered the standard for unconventional pleasures. With a shape closely resembling that of the male anatomy, warming it up a bit can provide a sensation akin to the real thing. However, it's important to note that softer items like fish sausages may be prone to breakage, especially with repeated use. To ensure safety, consider placing them inside a condom before use.

For those seeking a unique experience, adding two or three thick frankfurters or sausages allows you to customize the thickness, creating a "pseudo-big cock experience." The excitement of exploring something of this size can be thrilling and unexpected. Venture into the world of unconventional pleasures with sausages and discover sensations that might just leave you pleasantly surprised.

Mobile phone

In our tech-savvy era, almost everyone owns a cell phone or smartphone, and the "vibe" feature on these devices can serve as a modern replacement for traditional rotors. For direct clitoral stimulation, it's advisable to encase the phone in a plastic bag to maintain hygiene amid intimate moments.

Explore the versatility of smartphone vibrations by applying them to your nipples for a comfortable and customizable experience. Different vibrator versions offer varying sensations, so feel free to experiment and find the one that suits you best. Additionally, consider exploring the Vibe App, an application that allows you to tailor the strength and rhythm of vibrations, offering a personalized and modern twist to your intimate moments.

Makeup brush

The "fluffy" makeup brush is a useful tool for developing erogenous zones. Slowly trace your ears, neck, nipples, and breasts, as hard as you can without touching them. It's called a feather touch.

By continuing this masturbation, you can discover erogenous zones that you didn't know about before. You should be able to realize that "tickling" and "feeling good" are very close to each other. You can also use Brahma on the opposite side of the ear pick.


Surprisingly, many women indulge in the practice of shower masturbation, especially those living with their families who harbor concerns about privacy. The shower provides a sanctuary where you can be completely alone, and the sound of running water serves as a natural veil, drowning out any potential noises.

The beauty of shower masturbation lies in its versatility. You can tailor the strength of stimulation to your mood by adjusting the water pressure. The simple act of directing the shower to your clitoris or nipples can elicit such intense pleasure that you may find yourself unable to resist exclaiming, "No, no... this is driving me wild." The liberating environment of the shower ensures that any love juices will simply flow, alleviating worries about a mess.

In the privacy of the shower, discover the sensual symphony created by the cascading water, allowing yourself to explore and enjoy moments of intimate pleasure without inhibition.


In recent times, the widespread installation of washlets in various places has introduced a unique avenue of pleasure, not exclusive to men. Women can effectively harness the features of washlets for self-pleasure. A suggested approach is to use the bidet function for clitoral stimulation and then engage the butt button for anal stimulation.

Discovering the world of anal stimulation can lead to newfound pleasures, and some enthusiasts even extend their experience by combining lower-body water application with breast massage on the toilet seat. However, it's essential to exercise caution, as the water from washlets may contain bacteria. Be mindful to prevent water from entering your vagina during these explorations.

In the privacy of your bathroom, embrace the versatility of washlets as tools for personal pleasure, recognizing the importance of maintaining hygiene in the process.


Once known for treating stiff shoulders, Electric massagers have found an unexpected role in intimate experiences, commonly referred to as the "Electric Massager" in the context of adult content. Originally designed for a different purpose, applying it to the clitoris has been discovered to elicit incredible sensations.

The effectiveness of electric massagers has captivated women to the point where some men express jealousy, acknowledging their allure. The conventional approach involves applying the round part of the tip to the clitoris or nipples. It's advisable to start with a lower intensity and gradually increase to medium or strong settings as you approach orgasm. Embrace the versatility of electric massagers in exploring newfound realms of pleasure.

Face sheet

The face sheets commonly used by women for skincare have found an unexpected role in the realm of self-pleasure. Designed for a soothing effect on the skin, applying these sheets to sensitive areas can induce pleasurable sensations, creating a unique experience of coolness followed by warmth.

To embark on this journey, start by applying the sheet to your nipples and then to your clitoris. As it becomes slightly sticky, cover your finger with a sheet and gently insert it into your vagina. The folds inside will be stimulated, and a cascade of sensations may follow.

The relatively affordable price allows for experimentation, and the discreet nature of purchasing face sheets eliminates any potential embarrassment. If you come across face sheets at a store, consider trying this unconventional approach to self-pleasure and discover a new dimension of intimate experiences.


In an unconventional turn, even a dropper can become a surprising tool for self-pleasure. Acquiring a soft material item for a mere 100 yen, a simple modification—cutting it in half—prepares it for use.

The technique involves using the dropper to create a gentle suction on the clitoris. Initially, it may elicit a slightly uncomfortable sensation, but with time, the stimulation transforms into a unique pleasure. The adjustable suction force allows for personalization, making it easy to start with a gentler suction if needed.

Embrace the unexpected and consider the dropper as a tool to explore novel sensations in your intimate moments. This affordable and inventive option might just introduce a new layer to your self-pleasure experiences.

Electric toothbrush

Drawing an unexpected connection between the inside of the mouth and intimate pleasure lies in the shared presence of mucous membranes. Items designed for use on mucous membranes, such as toothbrushes, have a unique affinity with masturbation, making vibrating electric toothbrushes particularly suitable for this purpose.

In this exploration, the procedure begins by applying the back part of the toothbrush around the clitoris, already providing a heightened sensation. As the pleasure intensifies, rotate the toothbrush and use the bristles for a more stimulating experience. The strength of the stimulation might lead you to exclaim, "Hey, this is crazy..."

If the clitoris proves to be too sensitive, consider incorporating face sheet masturbation to nurture and explore pleasurable sensations. The versatility of the vibrating electric toothbrush opens the door to a range of experiences, offering a novel approach to self-pleasure.


Contrary to common perception, using konjac for masturbation is not exclusive to men; it can be a practical and enjoyable method for women as well. With its mixture of smooth and rough textures and just the right amount of elasticity, konjac can serve as a substitute for a man's tongue.

To embark on this unique experience, start by cutting the konjac into approximately one-sixth pieces, ensuring a slightly rounded shape to mimic the sensation of a tongue. Begin by gently caressing areas around the nipples and inner thighs, gradually progressing toward more sensitive areas.

As the konjac delicately touches your nipples or clitoris after teasing, you may experience a rush of pleasure that stimulates your senses. Warming up the konjac slightly and covering your eyes can enhance the sensory experience. For an added layer, consider incorporating adult videos (AV) and indulge in self-pleasure while listening to the sounds of cunnilingus for a truly immersive experience.


A cushion can be repurposed as a masturbation tool. In case you don't have a cushion, a pillow can serve as a suitable alternative.

The technique is simple—rub the cushion over your panties, focusing on your clitoris. Explore the different textures of the cushion, where seams provide a harder, more stimulating experience, while softer areas offer gentler sensations. Experiment with various parts of the cushion to discover what feels best for you.

As you gradually succumb to pleasure, you may find your panties becoming damp with arousal. Embrace the versatility of everyday items and enjoy this unique exploration of intimate pleasures with a cushion.

Introducing women's unusual masturbation experiences

One user shared an experience using a sauce container from their lunch box to stimulate their clitoris. By placing the container's mouth on the clitoris and tapping repeatedly, they discovered a tingling sensation that went beyond what finger masturbation could provide. While the climax wasn't achieved using the container alone, they found satisfaction by combining it with traditional methods.

The use of lotion was highlighted as essential, both for comfort and heightened stimulation. Applying lotion increased suction power, making the clitoris more sensitive to touch. This user drew parallels between the sauce container and the dropper, emphasizing the unexpected pleasure that can arise from seemingly mundane items.

The principle of clitoral suction, akin to cunnilingus, adds an extra layer to the experience. Fantasizing about intimate encounters while using these unconventional tools can further enhance the excitement and overall pleasure. These shared experiences highlight the versatility and creativity individuals bring to their intimate moments, exploring uncharted territories for unique and satisfying sensations.

So, let me share this unconventional and surprisingly pleasurable experience I had using a glue stick for masturbation. As I was exploring my clitoris with my fingers, the desire for a different sensation led me to try inserting a glue stick. Surprisingly, it provided a snug fit, and when I closed my eyes and let it move like a piston, it felt like a simulated sexual experience—super enjoyable. Of course, I made sure to use plenty of lotion for a smooth and comfortable encounter. To address hygiene concerns, I covered the glue stick with a condom after wiping it with a disinfectant tissue.

Interestingly, the glue stick seemed similar to the "rod-shaped handle part" mentioned in unconventional tools. Most glue sticks have a slightly thinner cap, making insertion easier. With a thickness of less than 3cm, using lotion ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Now, let's talk about nipple stimulation. I've always enjoyed nipple play, and clothespins turned out to be a game-changer. While traditional flicking or pinching didn't quite cut it, the intensity of clothespins surprised me, and I quickly became addicted. With both hands free, I could stimulate my clitoris and vagina simultaneously, resulting in intense and repeated orgasms. Even though there are adult goods designed for nipple stimulation, I found the firm grip of clothespins to be quite satisfying.

This experience highlights the diversity of intimate exploration and the unexpected pleasure that can arise from unconventional tools. It's a journey of self-discovery and creativity that adds a unique touch to personal moments of pleasure.

Clothespins are also a recommended tool for nipple development. Not only for those who have sensitive nipples, but also those who want to feel it on their nipples! If you think so, please give it a try.

A Geek Wand is recommended as a ready-made vibrator.

Say hello to the Geek Wand, the innovative response to concerns about the Stomping Love Ball, considered one of the most potent toys for women. Addressing feedback that it appeared too revealing and was cumbersome to place at home, the Geek Wand has emerged as the sleek and powerful next generation in women's pleasure devices.

We sought the feedback of female Touch Honey users who tried the Geek Wand, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many users reported experiencing multiple orgasms and expressed a definite intention to purchase the product. The incredible satisfaction was reflected in the fact that 9 out of 10 individuals said they would unquestionably buy the Geek Wand.

True to its name, this toy can be aptly described as a magic wand, promising a unique and enchanting experience for women seeking a blend of power, discretion, and pleasure.

If you want a sex toy but economical, we recommend this cutie.

For those on a budget and seeking a satisfying alternative to a higher-priced love partner at around $40, we recommend this toy that costs about $30. Not only does it boast an adorable design, but its precision tip is crafted to stimulate your G-spot with pinpoint accuracy, enhancing the likelihood of achieving orgasm. The added benefit is the ability to customize the experience with three different vibration levels, providing a high level of functionality at an affordable cost of around $30.

There is also pink version of it.

[Recommended for first-time buyers] Mini electric vibrator that is convenient to hide

A mini electric vibrator that looks cute. Right now, it's $36!! It's easy and perfect for trying out an electric massager for the first time.

Many sexshops sell similar products, but it's embarrassing to buy them in stores. If you buy it on Touch Honey, you can get it in home. The shipping is completely discreet.

Next up is the men’s edition! What are masturbation tools that can be used instead of masturbators?

Now, let's dive into the world of tools that men can use for masturbation in the comfort of their homes. While men may not face the same hesitations as women when it comes to buying adult goods, the desire for convenience and the immediate availability of a tool for pleasure is understandable.

In response to this, we've curated a selection of tools that can swiftly replace masturbators. While some may share similarities with those designed for women, their application and usage differ. After exploring these options, you might just find yourself questioning the need for a traditional masturbator. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together.

Vacuum cleaner

Let's start with an everyday item found in every home—the vacuum cleaner. Removing the tip and switching it on provides a unique opportunity for anytime pleasure. This unconventional method mimics the sensation of a vacuum blowjob. However, caution is essential. Begin with the weakest suction setting to avoid potential harm to the penis from excessive force.

It's crucial to note that vacuum cleaners are not the most sanitary devices, as they typically collect dirt and dust mites. To maintain hygiene, consider using a condom when inserting the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, to prevent any mishaps, wearing a rubber band during ejaculation is recommended to avoid inhaling sperm, which could lead to potential malfunctions. Safety first in the pursuit of unconventional pleasures!


Enter the world of the renowned "floor masturbation." With various preferences for firmness, individuals can choose substitutes such as futons, mats, or cushions. The technique is simple—lie face down on the floor and stimulate your anatomy against it, allowing for heightened sensitivity in areas like the glans and frenulum.

Caution is advised when performing floor masturbation directly on the penis, as the friction may lead to discomfort and result in scattered semen upon ejaculation. To manage this, some individuals choose to ejaculate inside their pants while wearing them.

Accessible to anyone with a floor in their living space, floor masturbation is a widely available technique. However, it's crucial to note that excessive use may lead to a potential downside—an issue known as "vaginal ejaculation disorder," making traditional sex difficult. Moderation is key to enjoying this method without unintended consequences.


For men curious about trying something different, konjac, previously mentioned as a tool for women's pleasure, can also be explored. To use it, make a slit in the middle of the konjac and insert the penis for stimulation.

Adjusting the size of the cuts allows for the recreation of various sensations, mimicking different types of intimate experiences. A tighter cut may simulate the feeling of penetrating a virgin's vagina, while using a fork to create folds inside the cut konjac can replicate the natural folds found in a real vagina.

Warming up the konjac enhances the experience, bringing it closer to the real thing. If you're open to it, you can even cook and eat it after the session. While black konjac contains seaweed, providing extra stimulation, it's recommended to use white konjac for a more straightforward and enjoyable experience. Explore this unconventional avenue with creativity and caution!


Showers, a secret haven for female masturbation, can also be a discreet pleasure for men. The technique involves applying warm water at an appropriate temperature to the penis or testicles. By adjusting the strength of the shower water flow, various stimulating sensations can be enjoyed.

While reaching ejaculation solely through showering can be challenging, incorporating hands for the finishing touches is a common practice. Squeezing the shaft while applying the shower to the glans and balls can be an incredibly enjoyable method.

For the climax, removing hands and relying on the water pressure from the shower adds a unique intensity. This method often results in heightened sensations, with the cock twitching more than usual. However, be cautious about potential clogs as ejaculate flows down the drain, as it may harden over time. Enjoy this covert pleasure responsibly!

Work gloves

In an unexpected turn, work gloves commonly found in men's homes can serve as an unconventional masturbation tool. Opt for work gloves with rubber anti-slip grips on the palms for an enhanced experience, as the uneven surface adds an extra layer of stimulation.

To use, simply put on the work gloves and grasp your penis. However, be mindful of the potential for strong friction that may cause discomfort. Using lotion is ideal, but if unavailable, body soap can serve as an alternative. Precum can also act as a makeshift lubricant.

Caution is necessary when considering hygiene. It's crucial not to use work gloves after a day of labor, as they may harbor dirt and bacteria, posing a risk of infection. Always opt for new or properly washed gloves, or consider wearing a condom for added protection. Enjoy this unique experience responsibly!

Potato starch

Embark on a creative journey in your own kitchen with a DIY Potato Starch Masturbator. This hands-on approach requires just a few household items: potato starch, water, and a stick. Begin by mixing the starch and water to achieve a thick paste, then set a stick with the right thickness for your penis into the mixture. After an hour in the refrigerator, your personalized pleasure tool is ready. Simply remove the stick, and voilà – a unique masturbator tailored to your preferences. This DIY project not only provides a novel experience but also allows room for experimentation with shapes and textures, making the effort well worthwhile for those seeking a customized touch to their intimate moments. Let your creativity flow as you explore a world of pleasure from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Mobile phone

When it comes to phone-assisted self-pleasure, men have their own unique approach – enter the world of hypnotic voices. The method I'm about to spill is all about achieving dry orgasms through a hypnotic journey with downloaded audio.

Whether it's free or paid, there's a plethora of hypnosis audios out there. If you're dipping your toes into the hypnotic waters, start with the freebies. Find a cozy spot, hit play, and let the magic unfold. Successful hypnosis can lead you straight to climax.

Here's the perk – it's a dry orgasm, so no cleanup required. You can indulge in repeated climaxes without the downtime. Just a word of caution – deep hypnosis might trap you, so have an exit plan in the form of another audio to break the spell. Happy listening!

Ice pack

I usually go for the classic frozen ice cream from the freezer, but when it comes to spicing up my alone time, I've discovered a game-changer. Room-temperature ice cream. Trust me, it's a whole new level of pleasure. The softened texture adds an exquisite touch when you use it between, well, you know. And here's the kicker – add some lotion to the mix. Slippery and sensational.

Now, the fun part – bending it in different ways for some simulated fun. Titty fucks, simulated sex, you name it. But wait, there's more. Try using chilled ice cream to cool things down around your groin area. It's a wild ride, giving a whole different feeling to the grand finale. Just a heads up, though – avoid direct cooling on the main player. It's a two-in-one pleasure pack, just remember to save this treat for your solo adventures, unless you've got a fever!

Cotton swab

Trying different methods of self-pleasure is a personal choice, and using a cotton swab for masturbation offers unique sensations. This technique involves inserting a cotton swab into the anus, potentially leading to a dry orgasm. Additionally, it can be used for manual stimulation of the penis or delicate areas like the glans and nipples. The affordability and accessibility of cotton swabs make them a versatile tool for experimentation. However, individuals should prioritize safety, using caution and communication in any intimate exploration.

Toilet paper roll

It's important to consider innovative approaches to sexual satisfaction, but using toilet paper rolls for masturbation requires caution. The core may have potential, but individuals with larger penises should explore alternative methods to avoid discomfort. When attempting this method, prioritize safety by using a condom and applying lubrication to prevent any potential irritation. After taking these precautions, enjoy the experience and dispose of the item responsibly. Communication and understanding between partners remain essential for a positive and consensual sexual exploration.

Air packing (bubble wrap)

If someone wishes to use bubble wrap as a makeshift masturbator, it's essential to ensure clean, safe use and communicate openly with a partner for consensual and enjoyable experiences.

Introducing men's unusual masturbation experiences

We have introduced masturbation tools that can be used instead of masturbators, but are you curious about the experience of those who have actually used them? So when panpan asked for unusual masturbation experiences, we received many responses, so we would like to introduce them to you.

I have a stocking fetish, so masturbating in stockings gives me the best pleasure. If you buy in bulk online, it's cheaper than the 100-yen store, and the best part is that you don't have to feel embarrassed when you buy it. I like thick stockings because they gently hug my penis. Apply plenty of lotion to both the penis and stockings, set the stockings to cover the penis, and then just jerk off while watching an erotic video. The material of the stockings gives me an indescribable stimulation, and I can ejaculate comfortably.

Isn't it a great idea to use stockings as a masturbator? If you have a stocking fetish, masturbating along with your fantasies will give you a different kind of excitement than usual.

I had heard that raw egg whites can be used as a lotion for masturbation, so I tried it. In conclusion, it was easy to use because the viscosity was just right and it didn't dry out easily even if it took a long time to squeeze. It feels much better than jerking off without anything on, and I have masturbated with raw eggs many times. However, if you use raw eggs just taken out of the refrigerator, they will be too cold and your penis will shrink, so we recommend letting them come to room temperature before using them.

It may seem a bit of a waste to use raw egg whites in place of lotion, but if you're embarrassed to buy lotion, give it a try.

While masturbation with work gloves might not be considered an unconventional method, I appreciate you sharing your experience. It's interesting to note that using work gloves with non-slip pads provided a unique and pleasurable sensation. The added need for lotion to reduce friction and enhance slipperiness demonstrates the importance of preparation for an enjoyable experience. Your insights into the specific details of your experience can be helpful for others exploring different techniques.

Glove masturbation is a method that's been discussed on various platforms, and it's likely that many men have experimented with it. Work gloves, designed to be worn on the hands, provide a secure grip, eliminating concerns about slippage and making them a convenient and user-friendly tool for masturbation.

Summary: Experience new pleasure by using things you have at home as masturbation tools!

I've shared a total of 24 tools, including personal experiences. Did it spark your interest? Everyday items at home can easily become versatile tools for masturbation. Exploring different methods and locations might lead to the discovery of new erogenous zones. Seize this opportunity, acquire a variety of items, and embark on a journey of exploration!

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