10 Ways to Make Homemade Sex Toys for Men


Sex toys have changed the way people experience sex. Nowadays, both women and men have witnessed a revolution in their pleasure-seeking endeavors, as an increasing number of sex toy companies create products for both solo exploration and shared intimacy.

While male sex toys are gradually becoming more accepted, some men still hesitate to explore this exciting territory. Many individuals miss out on the opportunity for experimentation and prefer self-satisfaction. Conversely, there's a growing curiosity among men who yearn to try new experiences and venture into the world of sex toys. This includes products like male masturbators, masturbator eggs, and even sex dolls, as they embrace the journey of exploring their desires and fantasies.  

Be Careful When Making Home Sex Toys  

Before trying to make homemade toys, it's essential to know that these lack the precision and quality control found in professionally made erotic toys designed for the sole purpose of providing enjoyment to the individuals using them. Here, we present some male pleasure-oriented masturbator models for your consideration.  

The most important thing to keep in mind is your own enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Take the time to explore and understand your desires, enhancing your personal satisfaction along the way.  

Top 10 Homemade Sex Toys for Men

In this article, we will provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to create your own homemade sex toys for men. With a few household items and a touch of imagination, you can embark on a creative journey to enhance your personal pleasure.  

However, if you prefer to skip the DIY process and start enjoying it right away, there are affordable options available for purchase. pocket masturbator, priced at only $34.99, offer a convenient solution, or you can get an automatic vibrating masturbator for just $70.  

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of DIY male sex toys. 

 Homemade masturbator with socks    

One of the most popular DIY male sex toys involves utilizing a simple sock, and adding a touch of cream or sexual lubricant can enhance the experience.  


Here's what you'll need:  

  • An old sock that fits your penis size 
  • Latex gloves 
  • Some lubricant 

To enjoy the sock sleeve, follow these steps:  

  1. Place the latex glove inside the sock, ensuring it covers the interior. 
  2. Secure the ends by wrapping an elastic band or even a headband around the wrist edge of the glove and sock. 
  3. Insert the latex glove into the sock. 
  4. Use a fiso or ponytail holder to fix both parts together, preventing the latex glove and sock from moving while you masturbate. 
  5. Remember to apply an ample amount of lubricant to enhance the sensation. Insufficient lubrication may lead to discomfort.  

Gel masturbator with ice bag   

For those seeking a unique fleshy and firm texture around the penis, a homemade gel ice pack masturbator can provide an exhilarating experience.  

Here's what you'll need:  

  • At least two reusable gel ice packs 
  • Condoms or latex gloves 
  • Elastic bands (or hair bands) 
  • Lubricant 

Follow these simple instructions:  

  1. Place the condom or latex glove between the two gel ice packs. 
  2. Align the slit part of the latex glove with the opening of the gel packs. 
  3. Secure the setup by wrapping it tightly with an elastic band or a ponytail holder. 
  4. To enhance satisfaction, consider heating the gel packs with warm water before use. 
  5. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to ensure a pleasurable experience. 

Masturbator with sponges  

With this homemade male masturbator, you can achieve a realistic and pleasurable sensation with added pressure on your penis. 


Here's what you'll need:  

  • 2 sponges 
  • A large plastic cup 
  • A latex glove 
  • Masking tape 

Follow these simple steps:  

  1. Take the latex glove and place it between the two sponges, creating a sandwich-like structure. This setup allows for easy cleaning or replacement of the glove after each use. 
  2. Insert the sponge sandwich into the plastic cup, ensuring it fits snugly. 
  3. Secure the end of the latex glove to the rim of the cup using a small piece of masking tape. This prevents the glove from sliding back during penetration. 
  4. To further secure the setup and prevent any movement or twisting during use, you can use additional adhesive tape or rubber bands. 
  5. When applying lubricant, be generous to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Avoid using it sparingly or skipping it altogether, as this can lead to discomfort.   

Male masturbator with homemade vibrator  

For those seeking an extra stimulating experience, this homemade male masturbator incorporates a DIY vibrator.  

Here's what you'll need:  

  • A razor (which will provide the vibration) 
  • A pair of socks 
  • 4 or 5 gummies 
  • A condom 
  • A small towel 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Fold the towel in half. 
  2. Create a sandwich by placing the latex gloves inside the two socks. 
  3. Position the socks on top of the folded towel. 
  4. Roll the towel together with the socks, wrapping them securely. 
  5. Insert the vibrating bullet into the rolled towel. 
  6. Continue rolling the towel, ensuring the latex glove is sticking out. 
  7. Remove the latex glove from the rolled towel and place it around the towel. 
  8. Use several rubber bands to secure the towel, preventing it from coming apart. 
  9. Finally, apply a generous amount of lubricant to your homemade masturbator to enhance the experience.   

Homemade male masturbator with Pringles jar  

Pringles jar

A creative twist on the previous homemade masturbator ideas involves using an empty Pringles can.  

Here's what you'll need:  

  • An empty Pringles can
  • 2 sponges 
  • 1 glove or condom 
  • Adhesive tape or rubber bands 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Place the glove or condom in the center of the two sponges, creating a sandwich-like structure. 
  2. Insert the sponge sandwich into the Pringles can. 
  3. Attach the protruding end of the glove or condom to the opening of the can. 
  4. Secure the glove or condom in place using adhesive tape or rubber bands, ensuring it doesn't slip off during use. 
  5. Apply a water-based or silicone-based lubricant for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. 

Homemade masturbator with cornstarch  

For those looking for a unique texture resembling an anus or vagina, a homemade masturbator using cornstarch can provide a gelatinous state. Let's go through the process. 

Here's what you'll need: 

  • 100 grams of cornstarch 
  • 200 ml of water 
  • 1 large glass
  • 1 stick, cucumber, or carrot 
  • Lubricant 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Pour 100 grams of cornstarch into the glass and add only half of the water (100 ml). 
  2. Mix and vigorously beat the mixture. 
  3. Add the remaining 100 ml of water and continue beating thoroughly. 
  4. Microwave the glass with the mixture for 1 minute. 
  5. If the mixture has solidified, create a hole using the stick, cucumber, or carrot. Insert it partially, leaving a few centimeters without penetrating. If it hasn't solidified yet, microwave it for a bit longer. 
  6. Leave the glass in the microwave for another minute. 
  7. Place the glass (with the inserted stick) in the freezer for at least 40 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the mixture from the glass and extract the stick or carrot. It should have a solid texture, but if not, leave it in the freezer for a bit longer. 
  8. Carefully unmold the mixture as it may have a fragile texture. 
  9. As always, apply lubricant generously to enhance the experience. 

Imitating an anus with a glove

Latex gloves

To imitate the sensation of an anus, you can easily create a homemade device using a latex glove and a little lubricant.  

Here's what you'll need: 

  • A latex glove 
  • Some lubricant 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Inflate the latex glove by blowing into the cuff. 
  2. Once the glove is inflated, take the two ends, roll them up, and push them down to create a tight seal. 
  3. Push the fingers of the glove until they reach the other side, and tie a knot to secure them in place. 
  4. The glove should now have the desired shape resembling an anus. Apply a generous amount of lubricant for an incredible sensation. 

Soap Hole

A straightforward and enjoyable homemade sex toy for men is a soap hole. With just a bar of soap, you can create your own intimate experience.   

Here's how:   

  1. Obtain a fresh bar of soap. 
  2. Use an apple corer or a pen to create a hole in the soap. Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate your needs but not too big that it lacks stimulation. 
  3. Wet the soap to create a smooth and slippery surface. 
  4. Enjoy the experience with your homemade soap hole. 

Soda Sex 

While it may seem unusual, it's entirely possible to repurpose a plastic soda bottle into a pleasurable toy. 

Here's how you can do it:  

  1. Take a soda bottle and cut off the top portion evenly, ensuring there are no jagged edges. Safety is key! 
  2. Obtain bubble wrap and place two sponges' side by side on the bubble wrap. 
  3. Fold the bubble wrap inward, creating a space between the sponges. Make sure to leave some excess bubble wrap that can extend outside of the bottle. 
  4. Squeeze the sponges into the half-cut bottle, fitting them snugly. 
  5. Securely tuck the remaining bubble wrap into the bottle, ensuring it doesn't pose any sharp edges. 
  6. Now, it's time to enjoy your homemade toy and have some fun!  

The Cushion Cuddles 

If you're looking for a quick release but lack other options, here's a comical method that can work if you have a couch.  

Follow these instructions: 

  1. Cut off the seal strip from a Ziploc bag. 
  2. Add an ample amount of lubricant into the bag, making sure to cover the entire surface. 
  3. Take the bag and place it under the cushion of a couch. 
  4. Position yourself on the bag, if you catch our drift. 
  5. Lie down and apply pressure for added pleasure and sensation.  

Remember, this method is intended for amusement and should be approached with a sense of humor. Always prioritize your comfort and safety when trying out unconventional methods.    

In Conclusion 

No matter what you do with your homemade male masturbator, using lubricant is crucial! Without it, the friction will be unpleasant, and you will hardly find pleasure. Remember that a water-based lubricant costs $16.99 and is the key to feeling pleasure or becoming an unpleasant experience.   

Remember to be careful when practicing with homemade toys as they can offer a unique and thrilling experience but also carry potential risks. 

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